Addiction Medicine Fellowship
  • Program Director, Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program
  • Professor, Family & Community Medicine
  • Program Co-Director, Jeff MAP T32 Post-doctoral Fellowship
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  • Assistant Program Director, Addiction Medicine Fellowship Program
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
Position: Hospital Medicine

Clinical Sites

Clinical training for the fellowship is mainly at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH), in Center City Philadelphia. Jefferson is a 717-bed acute care facility that serves as a primary and tertiary care hospital for residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley. Fellows will rotate both inpatient and outpatient in continuity clinics imbedded in the heart of urban Philadelphia.  Details of site rotations are listed below:

Jefferson Addiction Medicine Service (JAMS)

JAMS is the inpatient consult service for TJUH, Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience (JHN) with an expansion to Methodist Hospital (MHD) starting July 2024.  Fellows will evaluate patients referred for JAMS consultation, develop management plans for acute withdrawal, and collaborate with the JAMS interdisciplinary team. JAMS incorporates a unique consult model that employs an approach to inpatient addiction care by working with specialized social workers, CRS (peer specialists), community health workers, and a dedicated infectious disease team. Fellows will participate in multidisciplinary patient conferences that design transitional care plans that extend beyond the inpatient setting. 

The Stephen & Sandra Sheller Consult & Bridge Program

Newly opened in 2024, the Bridge Program is the outpatient complement of the inpatient JAMS consult team. This Program focuses on compressive care approach for OUD and common medical complications including HIV, HCV, and complicated wounds. Fellows will rotate with through the Bridge Program and work alongside certified recovery specialists to deliver a wide range of medical and behavioral services. 

Pathways to Housing PA

Pathways is a Housing First organization providing supported housing and intensive social services for locals with histories of chronic homelessness, serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders. The team at Pathways functions under an assertive community treatment-like model that includes two full-time psychiatrists, six team nurses, and a nurse manager. Fellows will assist with identification, assessment, treatment counseling, treatment planning, and care coordination of patients with substance use disorder. The fellows will act as a specialty consultative physician with care focused on the addiction disorder or as a physician who provides comprehensive care for the patient panel, including diagnosis and treatment of substance-related problems. 

Jefferson Outpatient Addiction Psychiatry Service (JOAPS)

JOAPS is located in our offices at 33. South 9th St. This service provides treatment for a wide range of substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, and other comorbid psychiatric disorders. Fellows will work with a diverse patient population including those with both public and private insurance, adolescents and older adults, as well as Jefferson employees and their family members. Fellows will provide high quality medication management and utilize a wide variety of psychotherapeutic techniques.

Project Home

Since 2016, we have provided primary care office-based MOUD with buprenorphine-naloxone and naltrexone. In 2017, COE support enabled the addition of an MOUD case manager and a licensed clinical social worker to the integrated care team and expansion of access to care by establishing a group MOUD program. The group format succeeds in supporting patients in reaching their goals of recovery.   Our low barrier group model improves access to MOUD and primary care, offers the opportunity to recognize and address issues of transportation/housing/food insecurity, and provides peer support from other group members with similar experiences. 

Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Program (NARP)

Located on the corner of 21st Street and Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia, NARP offers treatment with Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD), including methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone. As an academically based Opioid Treatment Programs in Philadelphia, NARP is uniquely suited to help patients with complex medical situations that would otherwise preclude their acceptance at other OTPs in the city.  

In addition to MOUD, NARP provides a wide range of treatments for other substance use disorders and comorbid psychiatric disorders. Fellows will work closely with a dedicated interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers, and certified recovery specialists. 

Jefferson Outpatient Addiction Psychiatry Services (JOAPS)

JOAPS is located at 33. South 9th St and functions as a main clinic for the Department of Psychiatry. This service provides treatment for a wide range of substance use disorders and concomitant psychiatric disorders. Fellows will work with a diverse patient population including those with public and private insurance, adolescents and older adults, and Jefferson employees and their family members. Fellows will provide high quality medication management and utilize a wide variety of psychotherapeutic techniques.

Maternal Addiction Treatment, Education and Research (MATER)

MATER is one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive substance use disorder (SUD) programs for pregnant and parenting women in the country. The program focuses on delivering a model of care that is person-centered, mindful and trauma-responsive to support women and their children in their recovery process. Fellows will see patients and develop treatment plans to address SUD 

Absolute Care

Absolute Care is a primary care clinic located in Fishtown that focuses on addressing the medical, behavioral, and social care needs of the highest utilizers of care from the surrounding community.  Fellows with interface with medical teams run by primary care providers, nurses, case managers and community health workers. The fellows work as consultants to help delivery high quality, comprehensive addiction care. 

Kirkbride Center

The Kirkbride Center is a medically monitored detoxification and residential rehabilitation center. It is one of the area’s largest non-hospital inpatient program with 270 beds to serve those facing drug or alcohol addiction for detoxification or short term residential stays. The program focuses on weaning individuals off of substances which cause withdrawal symptoms as well as minimizing discomfort and risk of complications with proper medication and supervision. 

Related Subspecialty Rotations

Fellows will work with pain medicine experts in providing a wide range of medication and anesthesia-based treatments for patients with both cancer and non-cancer related acute and chronic pain, as well as those requiring symptom management alongside cancer-related pain management. 

Many of the inpatient and outpatient pain services collaborate with addiction services to help develop a comprehensive pain management to shared patients. Fellows will have the opportunity rotate on services below:

  • Outpatient pain management services for patients with chronic pain at the Jefferson Pain Center, located at 3 Crescent Drive at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. 
  • Inpatient pain management services on the hospital based Acute Pain Service (APMS)
  • Inpatient & outpatient pain management on the Palliative Care Services