Geriatric Medicine Fellowship


Division of Geriatric Medicine & Palliative Care:
Research Topics (Do a SCOPUS feed on all members of the team - combined pali/geri)

Topic Faculty Contact
Heart Failure And Palliative Care Clinic Development Liantonio, Pirlamarla (Heart Failure)
Sexuality and End of Life Care Rashti, Liantonio, LaTourette
Alternative Pain Management in Older Adults Kreher, Liantonio
LVAD Explanation and Ethics Kreher
End of Life Care In Immigrant Populations Liantonio
SCORTEN prognostication Liantonio
Transgender specific AD Liantonio
Aging and End of Life Care for Older Adults Liantonio, Salzman
Decision-Making for Cancer Screening with Older Adults Brooke Salzman
End of Life Care in Prison Populations John Liantonio, Zac Klock
End of Life Care in Muslim Population John Liantonio
Interstate Palliative Care Consultation & Hospice Referrals John Liantonio, Montefiore team
Acute Rehab and Palliative Care John Liantonio
PC Book Chapter Neurohospitalists/Family Medicine John Liantonio, Katie Mechler
Chronic Disease and PC Book Chapter John Liantonio & Katie Mechler
EOL Care in Immigrant Populations John Liantonio & Matthew Murphy
Cannabis and the Elderly, Perceptions John Liantonio
Advance Care Planning in the Primary Care Setting Susan Parks, Brooke Worster, John Liantonio
Alzheimer’s Virtual Interprofessional Training Program Brooke Salzman
MICU project to improve bereavement and interprofessional EOL care John Liantonio, Stefanie Rashti, Matthew Murphy, Elizabeth Collins
Hotspotting: Enhancing Care for Medically and Socially Complex Patients Lauren Hersh, Brooke Salzman
Delirium Prevention/Reduction in the Inpatient Setting Kristine Swartz
Falls Prevention/Reduction Christine Hsieh, Brooke Salzman
Medical marijuana, cannabis, and cannabinoids for patients with significant symptom burden in serious medical conditions Brooke Worster, Beth Wagner
Improving Health Literacy among Cancer Patients: A Focus on Opioid Use for Pain Management  Brooke Worster
Provider Satisfaction with Palliative Care Consultation John Liantonio, Beth Wagner, Beth Collins, Matthew Murphy
Telemedicine and Palliative Care Kristine Swartz, Brooke Worster
Jefferson Home Visit Program/ Complex Care@ Home Christine Hsieh, Brooke Salzman
Integrating OT into Primary Care Practice Brooke Salzman, Tracey Earland, Amy Cunningham
Caregiver Needs Assessment and Impact of OT services with Caregivers of Patients with dementia Brooke Salzman, Gillian Love, Stefani Samuels
OT-Based intervention to increasing physical activity with older adults Gillian Love, Michael Weissberger, Tarun Sharma, Brooke Salzman
Book Chapter Polypharmacy and De-prescribing Emily Hajjar, Lauren Hersh
NP Book Chapter on Dementia Emily Hajjar, Brooke Salzman
Biomarkers Identified through Retinal Exam for Alzheimer’s Disease Brooke Salzman
Geriatric Ophthalmology Brooke Salzman
Geriatric Residency Track Brooke Salzman, Susan Parks