Asano-Gonnella Center for Research in Medical Education & Health Care


The Asano-Gonnella Center for Research in Medical Education & Health Care produces a variety of publications, including books, peer-reviewed journals and newsletters. Center faculty and staff collaborate in scholarly work with other Sidney Kimmel Medical College faculty and publish and present medical education and health services research projects in U.S. and international journals and at scientific meetings.

Center Publications

Aliberti SM, Funk RHW, Ciaglia E, Gonnella J, Giudice A, Vecchione C, Puca AA, Capunzo M. Old, Nonagenarians, and Centenarians in Cilento, Italy and the Association of Lifespan with the Level of Some Physicochemical Elements in Tap Drinking Water. Nutrients. Jan. 2023;15(1) : 218.

Aliberti SM, Funk RHW, Schiavo L, Giudice A, Ciaglia E, Puca AA, Gonnella J, Capunzo M. Clinical Status, Nutritional Behavior, and Lifestyle, and Determinants of Community Well-Being of Patients from the Perspective of Physicians: A Cross-Sectional Study of Young Older Adults, Nonagenarians, and Centenarians in Salerno and Province, Italy. Nutrients. 2022;14(17): 3665. doi: 10.3390/nu14173665

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Chung PH, Swaminatha, V, Spigner ST, Leong JY, Bulafka J, Frasso R. Genitourinary and Sexual Symptoms and Treatments in Transfeminine Individuals: A Qualitative Exploration of Patients' Needs. Sexual medicine, 2022:10(5):100566.

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