Office of Student Engagement

PUMP-up Mentoring Program

The PUMP-up Mentoring Program is a during- and after-school tutoring/mentoring program that partners college students with elementary school students at 6 different schools and youth-focused agencies in northwest Philadelphia. In addition to the university student volunteers, we hope to recruit community members to serve as tutors/mentors.


To increase the academic achievement of at-risk K-8 students in East Falls, Roxborough, Germantown, and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as link the students of Thomas Jefferson University and community members to the wider community and other institutions of education.


To create a sustainable relationship between Jefferson and institutions in the wider community that will benefit the youth of the area by increasing their academic achievement and by introducing the university students to volunteerism in metropolitan communities.

Community Service Sites


Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School is located just under a mile from the Jefferson East Falls Campus. The faculty, staff, and parents of the school are dedicated to helping children become successful and productive adults, willing to improve the quality of life for the entire community as well as themselves. In order to achieve this bold initiative, the parents and staff have agreed, through mutual cooperation, to emphasize those academic and social skills necessary for the children to achieve that goal. These skills include understanding one’s responsibility, demonstrating the acceptance of that responsibility, applying academic skills to life-long learning, and acquiring a positive self-image.

PUMP-up tutors/mentors help with their after-school program, which incorporates one-on-one and small group tutoring in mathematics and reading.

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education Center

Found just down School House Lane from Jefferson's East Falls Campus, Legacy Youth Tennis and Education strives to prepare young people, especially those from under­resourced families and communities, for success as individuals and as active, responsible citizens through innovative tennis, education, life skills, and leadership development programming.

PUMP-up tutors/mentors help after school with homework and a variety of subjects that students need to pay extra attention to.

Northern Children's Services

Located 1 mile from Jefferson's East Falls Campus, the staff at Northern Children’s Services is dedicated to helping children and their families do better today, so that we all do better tomorrow. They are driven by the belief that every child possesses inherent value, potential, and the ability to transform him or herself – regardless of his or her background or life circumstances. They emphasize safety, health, permanency, self-sufficiency, and positive relationships, so that the children they serve will lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

PUMP-up tutors/mentors help students in a one-on-one setting with homework, and other subjects the students may need to improve in.

Saint James School

Located approximately 3 miles from Jefferson's East Falls Campus, Saint James School places an emphasis on academic growth and preparing students to be valuable and contributing members of society. Their students know that they are evaluated on their behavior and attitude and those very characteristics are their mark on this community.

PUMP-up tutors/mentors help both in the classroom and with individuals in a variety of subjects.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center

Found just over 3 miles from Jefferson's East Falls Campus, The Salvation Army Kroc Center provides after-school care for students in their Homework Zone. They are committed to providing people with individual opportunities for developing body, mind, and spirit in a state-of-the-art caring Christian environment.

PUMP-up tutor/mentors help students in the Homework Zone with everything from school projects and assignments to simple worksheets.

Thomas Mifflin Elementary School

Our closest site, Thomas Mifflin Elementary School provides the highest quality academic and social instruction in a safe and orderly environment to prepare and empower all students to achieve at proficient levels so they can enjoy a peaceful and productive future.

PUMP-up tutors/mentors help students in the classroom with all subjects from gym to mathematics.