Office of Student Engagement

Tips & Reminders

Don't forget the following as you begin your year at Thomas Jefferson University:

Add Money to Your Campus Card

Students and guests are allowed to add money onto a Jefferson Photo ID. Monies can be used to pay for extra prints for campus printers, food at campus dining locations, and purchases at the Jefferson Campus Store.

Changing Status

Commuter Students who are interested in changing their status from Commuter to Resident should contact the Office of Residence Life.

Guidelines, Laws, & Policies

Jefferson has limited jurisdiction for responding to off-campus disturbances by its students, but may hold students accountable under its Community Standards policies in the Student Handbook. Off-Campus students should review and understand guidelines, laws, and polices relating to living off-campus. These are only suggestions and may not include all available materials regarding housing, tenants, and/or landlords.

Meal Plans

Aside from adding money to your campus card, you may be interested in purchasing a Jefferson Meal Plan. All Jefferson students including graduate and commuter students are eligible. Visit our Dining Services site for more.


If you are driving your own vehicle to campus, you must obtain a Parking Permit. Parking Permits are distributed by Public Safety, located on the Ravenhill Campus. A campus map of approved Commuter Student parking will also be given to you. Please abide by the parking regulations outlined in the brochure that can be found on our Parking at Jefferson site.

Jefferson Campus ID

The Jefferson Photo ID badge allows for convenient, effective, and secure access to all card-related services including: personal identification, facilities access and access monitoring, meal plan purchases, access to the Gallagher Athletic Center, printing, and photocopies, and purchases at the Jefferson Campus Store. This serves as your University photo ID, library card, and campus activity card.

Students can visit the Welcome & Information Desk located in the Kanbar Campus Center during regularly scheduled building hours to obtain an ID badge.