Student Health Services


Faculty, staff and students may contact Thomas Jefferson University's Department of Public Safety at 215-951-2999 or 911 for assistance and possible transport to a local emergency room.

If you are a student in a campus resident facility, notify the RA or RC on duty in their residence hall for any emergency.

If you are on campus and outside, look for one of the blue light emergency telephones which, when activated, can connect you directly with a campus public safety officer. 

Rape or Sexual Abuse

If you have been raped or sexually abused, seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is important to have a medical exam to check for internal injuries, receive medication for sexually transmitted infections, discuss options for HIV and pregnancy prevention, and gather forensic evidence.

Even if you are not sure if you want to press charges now, the evidence can be taken with your consent, just in case you change your mind.

Do not shower, eat, drink, smoke, douche, or change clothes before the medical exam. This may destroy evidence.

If able, bring a change of clothes for after the medical exam.

  • On-campus: Call 2999 for a free ride from public safety to the medical center listed below for an exam
  • Off-campus: Call 911 or the Special Victims Unit at 215-685-3251 and they will take you to the medical center below for an exam
  • Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center (PSARC)
    300 E. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124
    24-hour hotline: 215-425-1625 

    Available 24/7 to provide private, confidential medical services that assist in the collection of evidence for cases involving female and male adults (16 years or older) of sexual violence.
  • Staff are highly trained and understand the sensitive issues around sexual violence and how to treat you with compassion and humanity.
  • Even if you do not want to file a police report or are not sure, the police will still need to escort you to the center for the forensic medical exam. 
  • Counselors are available for support, to answer questions, and to provide information about resources and services.

On-Campus Support

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