Financial Aid Office

State Grants

Pennsylvania State Grant Program (undergraduate Pennsylvania residents only)—a financial assistance program that provides funding to eligible residents of the state of Pennsylvania who demonstrate financial need. This grant assists undergraduate students with the cost of higher education.

Fostering Independence Through Education Act (FosterEd)
The Fostering Independence Through Education Act (FosterEd) requires postsecondary institutions that award Title IV (federal) funding to waive tuition and mandatory fees to PA resident students who have been in foster care after the student is awarded all federal and state grants and other scholarships for which they qualify. For additional information please visit

Students should first submit an application for the Chafee ETG program with PHEAA to determine their eligibility:

You may also reach out to Henry Humphrys, Dean of Students or 215-951-2740 for additional information about how to apply for consideration. Questions about the financial aid component of the FosterEd program can be directed to Jessica Turner, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, 215-951-2940.

Other State Grant Programs—for information on state grant programs, contact the appropriate agency in the state in which you reside or contact your high school guidance counselor.