Financial Aid Office

Thomas Jefferson University Administered Programs

Scholarships, grants, and a limited number of university loans may be available to you while attending Thomas Jefferson University. Thomas Jefferson University is committed to making scholarship and grant opportunities available to students who qualify. Awarding of university scholarships is typically based on merit. In many of our Colleges, donor scholarships are available and are based on donor criteria, which may be based on demonstrated financial need, GPA while attending Jefferson, academic major, and availability of funding. Grants and university loans are awarded on the basis of need unless otherwise noted. It is therefore necessary that you file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to determine need-based financial aid eligibility. 

Scholarships & Grants

Thomas Jefferson University Scholarships & Grants—provide students who demonstrate financial need with assistance that will help meet college expenses. Priority is given to students who meet the deadline. If a separate application is required, it will be sent to those students who are qualified.

Endowed & Gift Scholarshipsdonor-funded scholarships for students who meet specific eligibility criteria including demonstration of financial need. For some scholarships, a separate application is required.

Academic Scholarships & Grants (new students & transfer students only)—eligibility is determined by the Admissions Office during the acceptance process and is based on the student’s academic performance prior to attending Thomas Jefferson University.

Sidney Kimmel Medical College Scholarships & Loans—a wide range of scholarships are available to students attending Sidney Kimmel Medical College. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form must be completed including parental financial information.

Athletic Scholarships—available in men's and women's varsity sports. The number of scholarships, the requirements, standards and awards are set by Thomas Jefferson University and by NCAA regulations. Contact the Athletic Department for more information.

Jefferson Grants—offered to full-time undergraduates who have established financial need. The selection is made by the Financial Aid Office.

Thomas Jefferson University Loans (Center City only)

These are low interest loans that are available to students who qualify based on demonstrated financial need and availability of funds. All loans offer no interest accrual while in college and for a 12-month grace period after leaving Jefferson. Most loans will revert to a fixed 5% at repayment. Repayment begins one year from the last date of enrollment. Repayment to Jefferson is a maximum of 10 years. 

The chart below is designed to assist you with calculating your estimated interest charged while in repayment, estimated payment, and estimated total loan repayment amount:


0% Interest Rate

3% Interest Rate

5% Interest Rate


Monthly Payment

10-Year Total Repaid

Monthly Payment

10-Year Total Repaid

Monthly Payment

10-Year Total Repaid











































Employment (East Falls only)

On-campus job opportunities are available for non-Federal Work-Study students. The wage rates are:


Hourly Wage

Additional Information



Rate above $7.25 requires approval

Up to 19 hours/week (maximum of 1,000 hours/calendar year)



Rate above $7.25 requires approval

Up to 29 hours/week (maximum of 1,000 hours/calendar year)

Contact the Financial Aid Office (East Falls) for more information.