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About the Program

The Jefferson Humanities & Health Artist-in-Residence program invites creative practitioners to collaborate with the Jefferson community in the development of arts and humanities-centered inquiries into health and wellness. Across a year of sustained engagement, the artist will work alongside healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, and students to explore how creative practices can help realize a holistic community of care and open new contexts for understanding each other and the work we pursue at Jefferson.

Announcing the 2021-2022 Artist-in-Residence: Meet Dr. Nazanin Moghbeli

filePhoto by Wesley Hilton

Nazanin Moghbeli, MD, FACC is an Iranian-American artist and cardiologist, and the director of the Cardiac Care Unit at Einstein Medical Center. Nazanin uses art to inspire, decompress, and deepen curiosity about the human body and medicine. She is interested in the ways that her practice as a doctor informs her art, and how her art provides a unique perspective that she brings to the bedside. At Einstein Medical Center, she helped develop workshops that incorporate art education into medical training, and she has exhibited her work locally at the Science Center, University of Pennsylvania, and various galleries, as well as in Paris.

See Nazanin's work featured in Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth's Literary and Art Journal here, or more on her website here.

This academic year, 2021-2022, Nazanin will offer her coveted introductory drawing workshop Drawing to Decompress and will forge new connections with the Jefferson community. Keep an eye out for opportunities to connect with Nazanin on our web calendar!

RCA, 2016, ink on paper
Ruptured Diagonal, 2018, ink on paper

A line can be made by words on a page, ink flowing from where the pen makes contact with paper, or blood flowing in an artery. A line can reveal the electrical current in the heart, can tell me if the heart is beating normally, if someone is alive, dying, or dead.

. . .

This series pays reverences to the complex meaning of lines and forms that flow when our bodies are whole, and rupture when our bodies are broken. Lines of words, calligraphy, and blood flow all mirror each other in the worlds that I straddle.

- Artist statement for Nazanin's series "Rupture"

2019-2021 Artist-in-Residence: Josh Robinson


Josh Robinson is a percussionist and teaching artist. In addition to performing in various Philadelphia-based ensembles, since 2002 he has worked with children and adults as a teaching artist, facilitating programs that use percussion as a tool for teaching communication, teamwork, creativity, leadership, discipline, and cultural awareness through music and instrument making. Josh has previously worked with Jefferson, teaching SKMC Humanities courses and directing percussion for Tangles in Time.

During his time as the Humanities artist-in-residence, Josh facilitated art- and music-based activities with patients in the Jefferson Health System, led workshops for Jefferson students, and pioneered a video series project. Check out the Creative Wellness Video project here, featuring work by Philadelphia-based poet, educator, and curator Yolanda Wisher, designed to carve out some space for creativity & wellness.

We are pleased that Josh's work as a teaching artist continues with us into 2021-2022, even as we welcome other practitioners into the artist-in-residence role and program.

“These workshops highlighted the unifying force music can have. It can be a way to build relationships and connections with people who you otherwise may have nothing in common with. I love the way drumming, and music in general, can be used as a tool for communicating and emoting, many times without the need for words.”
— Student, SKMC