Redefining Humanly Possible.

At Jefferson, you can dream bigger, think bolder, and create what’s next.

Jefferson is rewriting the rules and resetting the odds. We are changing higher education to provide our students with unparalleled value. Jefferson is a model professional university born out of a unique merger of Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University. Through our distinctive and award-winning 21st-century curriculum, we are preparing students with the skills they need to succeed and lead now and in the future of work. At Jefferson, we are helping you to redefine what’s humanly possible.

Improving Lives Through Collaboration

Improving Lives Through Research


Jefferson Vaccine Center (JVC)

Under the direction of Dr. Matthias Schnell, the inventor of CoraVax™—was established in 2007 by the Sidney Kimmel Medical College. The mission of the JVC is to strengthen research in vaccinology and therapeutics by establishing a cutting-edge research program in vaccinomics and building a nationally and internationally known center of excellence.


Research at Jefferson

In four years, we have increased our NIH-funding by more than 35 percent; launched internal seed-funding and bridge-funding programs; added staff to reduce investigators’ administrative burden; and markedly expanded research facilities and added leading edge technologies.

Improving Lives for the Future


A 21st Century Education

Built for a future that has yet to be defined, Jefferson is crossing disciplines to bring unrivaled innovation and discovery to higher education. Through boundary-breaking collaboration, research and hands-on, experiential learning, we equip graduates with leadership and analytical skills shaped for an accelerated job market. At Jefferson, we are reshaping education for the 21st century.

Areas of Interest

Our core programs—or Areas of Interest—drive students beyond the traditional limits of academics to inspire change and test just how far we can take what we know.