Center for the Preservation of Modernism

The Center for the Preservation of Modernism builds upon Jefferson’s legacy in preservation education. Jefferson is the home of the Hassrick House, an exemplar of mid-century modern architecture and a significant design by Richard Neutra, that serves as one case study for our graduate program in historic preservation. Early and mid-century modern architecture is the next preservation frontier as these building stocks age. This period presents unique challenges in terms of condition assessment, material restoration, structural stabilization and curtain-wall facade retrofitting, while embodying distinctive social, cultural and historical significance.

Hassrick House

The Center for the Preservation of Modernism is a catalyst for research that addresses the protection and conservation of these structures, as well as the development of an archive on modernist architecture to serve as a resource for scholars and students. The Center will serve as a meeting ground for the larger preservation community, offering lectures and symposia that address pressing issues facing modern structures and sites.

The Center for the Preservation of Modernism and Jefferson are at the forefront in preserving our modern heritage, nationally and internationally.