MS in Sustainable Design


College of Architecture & the Built Environment


Master of Science


East Falls


Online, On Campus, Hybrid (Online and On Campus)




1.5 - 2 Years

The partnership between the Satish Misal Education Foundation's Brick School of Architecture in Pune, India, and Thomas Jefferson University’s MS in Sustainable Design program provides an alternative study path for earning an MS in Sustainable Design degree from Jefferson. This path allows students to start their graduate degree in a hybrid / online format from India and to join the program in person in the United States in Year 2.

Students study for the first two semesters online in India, with one class in person at the SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture in Pune. In Year 2, students will move to Philadelphia in the U.S. and take classes on Jefferson’s East Falls campus. After completion of this STEM-designated program, international students are eligible for an extension of the Optional Practice Training period and may reside in the United States for three additional years to work in their field.

Students in the BRICK / Jefferson Partnership Program benefit from studying with their peers in the U.S. in an online synchronous setting while cutting down on cost-of-living expenses. They are part of a cohort of highly motivated students and enrolled in the same high-quality courses offered by our expert faculty in the U.S. and in Pune.  

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Year 1 – In India

Fall semester (6 credits)

  • Principles & Methodologies of Sustainable Design (online)
  • Adaptive & Resilient Design (online)

Spring semester (6 credits)

  • Master Studio: Resilient Cities & Communities (in person on Brick campus)
  • Studio Companion: Ecosystems for Resilient Cities (online)

Summer semester (3 credits)

  • Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design (online)

Year 2 – In Philadelphia

Fall Semester (9 credits)

  • Master Studio: Living Buildings (on campus)
  • Studio Companion: Sustainable Systems for Living Buildings (on campus)
  • Thesis 1 (on campus)

Spring Semester (9 credits)

  • Life Cycle Assessment & Circular Economy (online)
  • Thesis 2 (on campus)

What Our Students Say

“I chose the sustainable design program because of its comprehensive curriculum, location, expert faculty, and practical approach — all of which have been instrumental in my career journey. The program has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration giving us the opportunity to work with students and faculty from various backgrounds like Interior Design and Construction Management. What truly stood out was the program’s emphasis on holistic problem-solving, which enabled me to approach sustainability challenges with a broader perspective.”
    — Shayani Gujarathi Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India

“I applied to this sustainable design program because I was very keen to understand true sustainability in practical applications. The program taught me not only to harmonize with nature but also the users through different approaches. Apart from curriculum, the professors were personally involved, encouraging every student in their particular field of interest.”
    — Herisha Kothari
Vadodara, Gujarat, India

“This sustainable design program had the perfect curriculum for me. The courses like Adaptive Design and Life-Cycle Assessment were inspiring. We even collaborated with students in other universities! I learned how to use various materials, building details, and energy and water efficiency. Anyone who is interested in sustainable design and wants to learn more about how to create a sustainable future should apply to Jefferson!”
    — Suhani Dhinalbhai
Rajguru Ahmedabad, India