BS in Interdisciplinary Studies


  • East Falls Campus
  • College of Humanities & Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Bachelor of Science

Program Length

4-year program or
3-year program with summer study

Program Type

  • On Campus

Contact Information

Program Information

Name: Samuel Weeks, MA, PhD
Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Contact Number(s):

Contact Admissions

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Total Credit Hours: 121

Courses shown in bold are part of the Interdisciplinary Studies core curriculum and specialization. You will choose a specialization from one of the four offered (Global Studies, Diversity Studies, Sustainability Studies, Health and Society) or work with the Program Director to create a custom specialization.

Please consult with the Program Director about the possibilities for a three-year completion of this degree.

Year 1

  • Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies
  • [3] Disciplinary Electives (courses within CHS majors)
  • Pathways Seminar
  • Writing Seminar I: Written Communication
  • Topics in American Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Science or  Statistics or Mathematics
  • [1] Free elective

Year 2

  • Interdisciplinary Methods
  • [2] Specialization courses
  • [1] Disciplinary elective
  • Global Diversity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication
  • Integrative Seminar
  • American Diversity
  • [1]  Free elective

Year 3

  • [2] Specialization courses
  • Hallmarks Core Elective: Global Citizenship
  • Hallmarks Core Elective: Global Diversity
  • Hallmarks Core Elective:  American Diversity
  • Hallmarks Core Elective:  Integrative Seminar
  • Ethics
  • Contemporary Global Issues
  • [1] Minor course
  • [1] Free elective

Year 4

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone
  • [4] Specialization courses
  • Philosophies of the Good Life
  • [3] Minor courses
  • [1] Free elective