Postbaccalaureate Pre-Professional Program (P4)


  • Center City Campus
  • College of Life Sciences

Degree Earned

  • Certificate

Program Type

  • On Campus

Applying to the P4 Program

Note: This is a "career changer program" intended for students who have a limited science background. If you have completed more than half of the prerequisite coursework for medical school, or if you have taken the MCAT, you are not eligible for this program.


  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college/university 
  • Recommended Cumulative and Science GPA of 3.2 
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Strong interest in the healthcare field, demonstrated by work and volunteer experiences


Applying through PostBacCAS

APRIL 30 - P4 1-Year
- P4 2-Year

Application Instructions


Students should submit an application for admission on PostBacCAS.The processing fees shall be $130 for the first program and $45 for each additional program. 

Please respond to the PostBacCAS personal statement. Please respond to the PostBacCAS personal statement

Your registrar should mail your paper transcripts to the following address:

PostBacCAS Transcript Processing Center
PO Box 9209
Watertown, MA 02471

For information on sending official, electronic transcripts, please click here.

The P4 requires one letter of recommendation (academic preferred).  

Standardized tests are no longer a required piece of the application. Applicants may choose to submit standardized test scores to provide additional evidence of their fitness for the program. 

Due to the correlation between performance on the SAT and performance on other standardized tests (MCAT, DAT),  the program may request these scores as a way to assist and advise during the program, but they are not required to complete your application.

If requesting standardized tests to be sent to JCLS please use the following codes:

SAT: CEEB School Code   7923
GRE: Institution Code   2999
ACT: School Code   3668

A Resume/CV can be uploaded to the Program Materials section of the application under Documents.

Application Timeline

Once an application is complete, applicants can expect to hear back from the Office of Admissions within 2 weeks.

A final decision will be communicated to all applicants within 2 weeks following the interview.

Please contact us with any questions:


Note: Under no circumstances can any application materials submitted to the Office of Admission be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another college, university or third party. All records submitted in support of an application for admission become property of Thomas Jefferson University.