Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Association (GSA), formed in 1969, is a student-run organization committed to serving graduate students and improving student life at Jefferson. The GSA is open to all graduate students in the Jefferson College of Life Sciences (JCLS) and encourages participation from new students in our various year-round programs. There are countless ways to get involved with GSA, from attending and helping us plan events like Welcome Month, to volunteering with GSA at the annual Philadelphia Science Festival.

Our goals are three-fold:

  1. To engage graduate students beyond the classroom and lab in order to develop, broaden, and strengthen their professional skills and career goals.
  2. To foster inclusive programming that celebrates diversity in the Biomedical Sciences and offers a safe space for graduate students to participate in student life as authentically as possible.
  3. To be a voice for graduate students within JCLS, representing their unique needs and concerns by providing a link among graduate students, the Jefferson College of Life Sciences’ administration and faculty, and the surrounding Philadelphia community.  

Academic Programming

Annual traditions, designed to foster the academic and intellectual growth of our members

Professional Programming

Present speakers from various science careers, enabling students to explore different career paths

Social Programming

Organize consistent social programming throughout the year, to help students get to know each other and also to provide a much needed break from lab and work schedules.

Philanthropy & Community Service

Committed to serving in the Philadelphia community, in both a general and science-specific capacity.

Science Outreach & Communication Initiative

Establish programming devoted to developing science communication skills and motivating a passion for science outreach


Meet the GSA Officers for the 2023-2024 academic year.