Graduate Student Association

Academic Programming

The GSA is proud to uphold several annual traditions designed to foster the academic and intellectual growth of our members. As part of New Student Orientation, the GSA hosts a seminar designed to help both PhD and Master's students think about how to choose research labs for their rotations and eventual thesis work and how to be professional in the lab.

In March, the GSA sponsors several events throughout Women in Science Month. The events educate the student body on the unique barriers faced by women in the sciences, celebrate the progress that has been made, and develop strategies for overcoming the remaining challenges in achieving equality in the biomedical sciences.

To aid in the development of science communications, the GSA has hosted a 3-Minute Thesis Competition in past years. This year, they will host Science Slam for the first time. Students will give short, narrative-driven presentations on their research and will be judged for prizes.

Resources for Incoming Students

GSA presentations given during New Student Orientation

PhD Student Liaisons

Grad school is hard and sometimes it’s not clear what to do or who to ask for help. PhD Student Liaisons are a group of student volunteers who are here to help incoming students as they navigate their first year in JCLS. Student liaisons can help you decide what classes you need to take, how to pick the right lab rotation, how to join a lab, demystify the program requirements, and help you figure out what to do with your life. You can also reach out to a liaison with any general concerns or suggestions and they will relay them to the Graduate Student Association where they will be heard and addressed.