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Why Jefferson College of Pharmacy?

Students enrolled in a healthcare discipline at Thomas Jefferson University have the opportunity to learn from faculty that are a leader in their respective clinical discipline, are dedicated to advancing the profession, and teaching the next generation of pharmacists. Jefferson students have access to learn in multiple practice settings, to observe pharmacists leaders, practitioners and residents.

Jefferson Student Outcomes

First time NAPLEX board pass rates always above the national average

  • Three classes with 100% pass rate

ASHP Residency Program Match Rate consistently above the national average

Class of 2022 with a 96% match compared to 72% national match rate average

What is the value of a Doctor of Pharmacy degree?

  1. Your degree is applicable anywhere in the United States.
    Did you know the average American lives within 5 miles of a pharmacy?
    Pharmacies are everywhere, from rural to urban settings.
  2. You can change your practice focus throughout your career.
    You can progress your career or change directions without needing more education.
    You can work independently or as part of a team.
  3. Serve your community.
    You will improve the health of those you serve and will keep them safe from medication errors or adverse drug events.
    You will promote health and wellbeing through education and immunization services.
The value of your degree will be hard to measure in terms of the number of lives you will impact throughout your professional career.

Doctor of Pharmacy Basics

  • It takes 2-3 years to complete the prerequisite courses
  • The Doctor of Pharmacy program is four years, with summers off after year 1 and 2.
  • How you will develop:
  • Scientific knowledge 
  • Cultural awareness
  • Professional development
  • Leadership skills
  • JCP and Jefferson experiences will help to shape your first career position.

Interprofessional Experience

  • Jefferson prioritizes Interprofessional education and all of the health profession programs participate in interprofessional practice and education.
  • JCP students participate in the Jefferson Health Mentors program during their first and second years. This early experience gives the student pharmacist an opportunity to understand the impact chronic disease has on people.
  • Students may elect to participate in additional interprofessional activities. Regardless of the activity you may apply to participate in, all are focused on improving overall health. 

Academic Support

  • Jefferson supports students in a variety of ways.
  • The college of pharmacy and Academic Support Services work closely together to assure that there are resources to assist all students achieve their desired performance.

Career Services

  • The Career Development Center at Jefferson assists students in preparation to seek employment as an intern or professionally as a pharmacist. 
  • JCP and Career Services collaborated to develop the Career Prep Series. Student pharmacists are encouraged to attend sessions throughout their time here; facilitating the development of a personal network, identifying key factors when considering a career, and successfully navigating your own personal career path.