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Clinical Affiliations

The Jefferson College of Pharmacy (JCP) has clinical affiliations with a wide range of pharmacy practice settings where JCP student pharmacists participate in experiential education throughout their academic program. At these sites, JCP student pharmacists work side-by-side with leading pharmacy practitioners and other healthcare providers.

Our strong affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, one of the most prominent healthcare systems in the country, is a distinctive benefit. Here, you will get first-hand experience in a Department of Pharmacy renowned as one of the world's most contemporary health system pharmacy practices and learn from some of the country's most prominent clinical and administrative pharmacists. The Department of Pharmacy Services at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has a long history of training leaders in hospital pharmacy and is home to the country's first accredited post-graduate residency training program for pharmacists. The department is the 2012 recipient of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Pharmacy Residency Excellence Program Award. This award recognizes the achievements of residency programs that "have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the training of pharmacy residents.”

Our affiliations with many of the region's other premier inpatient and outpatient healthcare systems, community pharmacies and health service organizations provide Jefferson students with an enviable variety of practice settings in which to apply what they have learned in the classroom, develop professional skills and network with established pharmacy practitioners. At Thomas Jefferson University, we work to ensure that students are assigned to practice settings which will enable them to experience the depth and breadth of practice opportunities necessary to complete their education and that will help them in planning their career path. Our pharmacist preceptors work individually with students to ensure that they are prepared to provide safe and effective medication therapy to all patients.

In addition, many healthcare professionals from across the tri-state area come to the Jefferson campus to share their knowledge and serve as role models, mentors and instructors throughout the academic program and through our many professional extra-curricular activities.