She / Her / Hers / Herself
  • Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
  • Director, Jefferson Autism Center of Excellence
  • Professor, Farber Institute for Neurosciences
Organization: Jefferson Autism Center of Excellence

130 South 9th Street
6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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  • $99 Data-Driven Decision Making Learning Module
  • $75 Goal Attainment Scaling

Advanced Practice Certificate

Autism: Emerging as Leaders in Practice & Research

This advanced practice certificate in Autism offers advanced knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder, skills for working with persons with Autism throughout the lifespan, the neuroscience of AUTISM, and opportunity to translate knowledge to practice.  Courses are taught by experts in the field.


  • Training Ophthalmology & Other Medical Professionals to Assess Vision in Persons with Autism

Future Educational Offerings