Welcome Message

Alisa LoSasso, MD, Vice Dean for Admissions and Chair, Committee on Admissions

Welcome! I am thrilled you have chosen Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University for your medical education. With your matriculation at Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC), you will embark on an extremely challenging yet satisfying career. Your commitment to becoming a physician provides you the privilege of uniquely affecting the lives of others on a regional, national and global level.

Our JeffMD curriculum will help you meet the challenges facing medicine today in a comprehensive and innovative way. At Thomas Jefferson University, faculty and peers will support you in building upon and expanding your knowledge, skills and perspective. We will empower you to access resources that will promote life-long learning.        

Our remarkable student body is our greatest asset. We admit students who are meaningfully engaged in helping the communities they serve. SKMC students collaborate inter-professionally and consider the multifaceted aspects of care ranging from medical, social, and ethical components and beyond. Our faculty members are deeply committed to the professional and personal development of each student. At graduation, SKMC students have gained not only a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill, but each person has also grown as an individual.

Although it’s impossible to completely capture the sense of family that exists here on paper, I firmly believe that SKMC offers the best clinically balanced medical education under the guidance of extremely caring and compassionate faculty and peers.

I look forward to offering you encouragement along your journey over the next four years and to seeing you achieve your full potential as future physicians.