SKMC Office of Admissions

Information for Admitted Applicants

Congratulations on your acceptance to Sidney Kimmel Medical College. The information on this page will be updated periodically in the weeks preceding Orientation Week. Please check this page regularly for updates.

  • Second Look Program:  Monday, April 3rd at 12:00 – 2:30 pm via Zoom.  Zoom details will be emailed to all accepted applicants in mid-March. 

If the following requirements have not been completed prior to orientation, July 17, 2023, access to BANNER and the SKMC student information system will not be granted. Please direct all questions to

Matriculation Requirements

The Campus Key authenticates your identity. It is assigned by IT services and will be your login credential for accessing all Jefferson University application and IT services.

Within two weeks of receiving your acceptance notification from the SKMC admissions office, you will receive two separate emails from the office of academic systems. The first email will provide you with a link to confirm your enrollment. The second email will ask you to update and complete your personal information and change your password.

For help with your Campus Key PRIOR to matriculation, please contact Rita Rosanno at 215-955-9387.

Please submit the application for your student ID (PDF) no less than a month before the start of classes. You will need your ID to enter all Jefferson buildings. 

Prior to submitting a photo, please be sure to read the instructions and photo guidelines on the photo ID application carefully for what is required for the photo before submitting it. If you do not follow the photo guidelines it will not work and you will have to try again.

Photos that do not meet the specified criteria will be rejected.

Once your photo is submitted to, you will be notified within 72 hours if your photo was rejected. 

Students will pick up their badges in person; everyone will be notified when and where IDs will be available for pickup. All students will be required to present a government issued ID or passport to confirm their identity at the time of ID pick-up. No exceptions.

For questions, you can call Photo ID at 215-955-7942. The Photo ID center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:15 pm.

All students need to self-register the computer(s) they use to access our wireless network once per semester. Please see the page below.

Deadline June 23, 2022
For all students who graduated in December of 2021 or May of 2022, please have an official final transcript sent to:

Thomas Jefferson University
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Office of Admissions
1015 Walnut Street, Suite 110
Philadelphia, PA 19107

An electronic transcript can also be emailed to SKMC Admissions at

This is considered OFFICIAL if emailed directly to the email address above. It cannot be forwarded or scanned, it will then be considered UNOFFICIAL.


We require that you update your address on file to provide both your Home/Permanent address and your Local (Philadelphia area) address.

You may enter this information on-line via Banner Web by following the steps:

  1. Log in to Banner, using your Campus Key and Password to log in
  2. If you haven't already, change your PIN number (the system will prompt you on first log in). Enter your original PIN and new choice of PIN. PINs must be six numeric characters
  3. If this is your first log in, the next screen will ask you to provide a hint question and answer in the event you forget your PIN and need to have it sent to you. Enter a question and answer that only you know the answer to, but do not make it overly difficult. If needed, your response must exactly match the answer you provide
  4. Read and accept the Terms of Usage
  5. Follow the "Personal Information" link
  6. Find the option "Update Addresses and Phones"
  7. Select "Home/Permanent" from the address selection drop-down box and enter all requested information
  8. Once you submit this information, you will be taken back to the address change screen. Select "Local" from the address selection drop-down box and enter all requested information

Health Insurance

As an academic health center, Jefferson requires all matriculated students to have health insurance, and to complete the enrollment/waiver process for each academic year. If you have health insurance through another provider, it must meet the stated minimum requirements to qualify for a waiver. If you do not have coverage through another provider that meets the minimum requirements, then you must enroll in the College-sponsored student health insurance plan. Once enrolled, the plan will be in effect for the entire academic year. You may only terminate the insurance coverage if you have a qualifying life change event.

You may now begin enrollement in the Jefferson sponsored Student Health Plan or waive the plan if you have personal insurance that meets the minimum requirements. This process must be completed by July 17.

To complete the enrollment or waiver process, please go to, select Thomas Jefferson University, and click on Enroll Now or Waive Your School’s Insurance by July 17.

Change in Coverage

If you are currently covered under a parental plan and are turning 26, you are eligible to enroll in the United Health Care Plan at a pro-rated premium. 

Click here to complete the electronic form.

Click here to for the Mannual Enrollment form. Email the Mannual Enrollment form to Ms. Joyce Muwwakkil.

Your Banner account will be billed for the pro-rated premium cost.

Dates may vary by academic program.

2022 - 2023 Rates

Dates of Coverage Cost of Coverage
Class of 2026 students 07/18/22 - 07/31/23 $ 5,172.00
Class of 2023, 2024, 2025 students 08/01/22 - 07/31/23 $ 4,913.00
(student +1 dependent)
08/01/22 - 07/31/23 $ 9,826.00
One child
(student + 1 dependent)
08/01/22 - 07/31/23 $ 9,826.00
Two or more children 08/01/22 - 07/31/23 $ 9,826.00
Spouse + Two or more children 08/01/22 - 07/31/23 $14,739.00

Dental Insurance

Optional dental insurance is available for matriculated students at Thomas Jefferson University, Center City Campus and Abington Campus. The insurance is offered through United Health Care Insurance through with two coverage levels available.

To enroll under Other Insurance Types click on Enroll Now – Dental Insurance where you will find enrollment instructions

Dental Rates 2022-2023

Basic Plan
$379.44 (with 1 Dependent)

Enhanced Plan
$926.85 (with 1 dependent)


Please contact Ms. Joyce Muwwakkil
Phone: 215-503-6988

If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements, please contact the Jefferson Occupational Health Network (JOHN) at 215-955-6835, or contact and

There are several pre-matriculation health requirements that must be met in order to begin your first year at SKMC. Given the time necessary to schedule appointments with your provider, please start this process immediately (due date June 20, 2022). Please review the information below carefully.

These pre-matriculation health requirements must be met to begin SKMC on time: 

Part 1: Proof of COVID vaccination 

Part 2: Pre-matriculation health information/physical evaluation form. 

COVID Vaccination

If you have any questions or concerns about the COVID vaccine requirement, please contact or 215-951-0168.

Pre-Matriculation Health Information/Physical Evaluation Form (due June 20, 2022) 

The pre-matriculation health form requires the following:

  • A physical examination and documentation from your health care provider (including immunization history/titers and PPD).
  • Please create a Complio account for document tracking (URL above gives full details).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Jefferson Occupational Health Network (JOHN) at 215-955-6835.

A current criminal background check, processed through AMCAS and Certiphi, is required for admissions to SKMC.  Please submit your criminal background check by July 1.


International Students in Sidney Kimmel Medical College have access to Thomas Jefferson University's Office of International Affairs (OIA).  OIA helps students with immigration matters, acculturation and related issues.

International Students who need a form I-20 or sponsorship to study full-time at SKMC should email the Office of International Affairs at after acceptance to begin the process of transferring from another U.S. university or obtaining initial immigration documents. The office can also be reached at 215-503-4335.

Students are required to attend First Year Orientation during the week of July 18 – July 22, 2022.  Orientation will be in-person this year (although we will continue to monitor city and state guidelines regarding COVID and update you accordingly).

Attendance is mandatory at all of the daytime orientation events.

Registration will take place the morning of July 18, 2022. We will update you with arrival time information closer to the date. Orientation sessions introducing you to the medical school, the curriculum, the faculty, and to each other will begin on Monday, July 18 and continue through Thursday, July 21. The White Coat Ceremony will take place on Friday morning, July 22.

At the beginning of July, students committed to enroll at Sidney Kimmel Medical College will be receive access to the SKMC Orientation site in Canvas, where the Office of Student Affairs will continue to update orientation information.

White Coat Ceremony

We are thrilled to announce that the White Coat Ceremony for the Sidney Kimmel Medical College Class of 2026 will be held on Friday, July 22nd, 2022, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building, 100 E. Penn Square, 9th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

The White Coat Ceremony serves to welcome medical students to the profession of medicine and highlight the value of humanism in healthcare. The ceremony culminates in the Hippocratic Oath that students will recite in front of their family members, school leadership, and peers, acknowledging the importance of patient-physician relationships and humanistic care. During the ceremony, each student will be presented with a white coat commemorating the momentous occasion and welcoming them to the field of medicine.

Please save the date on your calendar, and we will be in touch with more information soon. Each student will be given three tickets for the event. Unfortunately, we are at maximum capacity for the venue and cannot offer additional tickets under any circumstances. If you have any immediate questions, please contact Rich Crespo, the Educational Business Manager in the SKMC student affairs office.

We believe that critical thinking and problem-solving are essential skills for physicians. Our curriculum is designed to engage students in active learning by delivering content in multiple modalities, such as small groups, team-based learning, labs, and selected lectures where appropriate. Faculty members act as the facilitators of the curriculum, and are available to answer questions and offer clarification. But the onus of learning is on YOU.

Consider this quote from Peter Brown's book, Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning:

"Many common study habits and practice routines turn out to be counterproductive. Underlining and highlighting, rereading, cramming, and single-minded repetition of new skills create the illusion of mastery, but gains fade quickly. More complex and durable learning comes from self­testing, introducing certain difficulties in practice, waiting to re-study new material until a little forgetting has set in, and interleaving the practice of one skill or topic with another.”

We strongly encourage you to take the readiness assessments as soon as possible. These assessments are based on MCAT content that is relevant to the SKMC curriculum and the recommended anatomy readings listed below.  The result of these assessments will allow you to identify your gaps in knowledge so that you can address them (if necessary) before you arrive at SKMC, thus providing you with a smoother start in medical school.  The sooner you complete the assessments the more likely you can act on the result, if necessary. Each assessment is 1 hour long.

Readiness Assessment Instructions

  1. Login to Canvas using your Campus Key and password.
  2. From your Dashboard click on "JeffMD: Readiness Assessment (2022)."
  3. Read the information on the Home page and then click on Assignments to begin.
  4. If you have any trouble logging into Canvas or technical issues, please contact

Suggested Summer Readings

To enhance your preparation for the medical curriculum, we also recommend that you do some reading that is focused on optimal study habits (almost no undergraduate college seems to teach these), as well as on immunology, histology, and anatomy, which may be less familiar to you:

1.  Dunlosky J, Rawson KA, Marsh EJ, Nathan MJ, Willingham DT. Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology. Psychological Science in the Public Interest. 2013;14(1):4-58. doi:10.1177/1529100612453266

  • You can download a pdf here.
  • Focus on relevant portions of the sections on Elaborative Interrogation, Self-Explanation, Summarization, Highlighting and Underlining, Mnemonics, Rereading, Practice Testing, and Distributed Practice. You will learn that Highlighting and Underlining, Mnemonics, and Rereading take up study time but don’t bring you anything in return.

2.  Brown PC, Roediger HL, McDaniel MA. Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. Harvard University Press; 2014. doi:10.4159/9780674419377

  •  This book is a lengthy distillation of the science that is also described in the above review by Dunlosky et al.
  • You need to read only Dunlosky et al. OR Brown et al.

3. Sompayrac L. Lecture 1 An Overview. In: How the Immune System Works. 6th ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell; 2019. Available as an eBook.

  •  If you want to read more, Lectures 2-6 of this book are suggested.

4.  Dalley II AF, Agur AMR. Chapter 1: Overview and basic concepts. In: Clinically Oriented Anatomy. 9th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer; 2018. Available as an eBook.

5.  Pawlina W. Chapter 1: Methods. In: Histology: A Text and Atlas with Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology. 8th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer; 2020. Available as an eBook.


All SKMC students will be issued a 9th Generation 10.2" Wi-Fi 64GB Apple iPad and Apple pencil free of charge upon matriculation. These devices do not come with a warranty or AppleCare; students are responsible for any damages and/or lost or stolen items. iPads and Pencils will be distributed during Orientation Week.


  • Percussion/Reflex Hammer (Babinski, Dejerine, Queen’s square preferred over triangular head and Buck reflex hammers)
  • Stethoscope (many students purchase a 3M Littmann Classic III or Cardiology IV or equivalent)
  • Pen Light

Suggested but Not Required

  • Otoscope/ophthalmoscope (particularly for students considering careers in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology and neurosurgery)
  • Tuning Forks (128 Hertz)

For Anatomy Sessions

  • A pair (or two) of scrubs to be worn in dissection lab sessions and during practical   examinations. Scrubs are mandatory at all times within the Dissection Facility.
  • A pair of comfortable shoes that completely cover the foot and can get “messy”. This type of footwear is mandatory at all times within the Dissection Facility.
  • A pair of safety glasses/goggles with shatterproof lenses and side shields. Wearing of Safety glasses/goggles is mandatory at all times within the Dissection Facility.
  • A combination lock, if desired, for short term securing of personal items during your Dissection Sessions.

For Dissection Sessions

Each dissection table is provided with two scalpel handles, two probes, two forceps and two scissors. Students may purchase their own dissection equipment, but purchased kits should have a Number 4 scalpel handle so the school provided blades will fit. Personal kits will remain in the lab and should be marked with Name, Class and Table number.

Most instruments and supplies are available for purchase at:

Jefferson Campus Store
1009 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Please review the information at the following link and complete the accompanying attestation.

Technical Standards Attestation

The attestation confirms that you have reviewed SKMC’s technical standards and affirm that you are capable of meeting them, with or without accommodation.

Academic calendars are listed here (PDF)All dates are subject to revision.

Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Jefferson University is committed to providing all students with opportunities to take full advantage of the educational and academic programs.  Our College of Medicine recognizes that students with documented disabilities may require reasonable accommodations in order to achieve this objective and/or to meet the technical standards.

If you require accommodations, please contact Jennifer Fogerty, MSEd, as early as possible at 215-503-6335. More information can be found at the accommodation page.

The students of SKMC are proud of the Honor Code (PDF) they have written and are committed to its values. 

Join the SKMC (Jefferson) Class of 2027 Accepted Students Facebook Group to meet fellow students and keep up with the latest news. You need to be logged into Facebook to access the group.