SKMC Office of Admissions


Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) applications are handled through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications to the MD/PhD Program must be submitted online to AMCAS no later than October 15. Applications to MD Programs must be submitted by November 15

Note: Please make sure that the addresses (mailing and e-mail) you use on your application are correct and consistent and make sure to adjust your e-mail settings to allow mail from These addresses are used for all official correspondence. 

Admission is competitive: Each year, the Committee on Admissions selects a class of 272 students from an applicant pool of approximately 10,000. To determine if you will be a competitive applicant, evaluate yourself according to our selection factors before applying.

Prospective students complete the AMCAS application online. AMCAS then processes it and sends it to Thomas Jefferson University. We will e-mail you a notification of receipt when we receive your verified AMCAS application. This e-mail will contain instructions for completing the Sidney Kimmel Medical College secondary application.

The Committee on Admissions begins reviewing the application when all supplementary materials have been received, including:

  • The Sidney Kimmel Medical College Secondary Application Form
  • The nonrefundable $80 application fee
  • MCAT scores
  • Letters of recommendation * (sent directly to AMCAS)

* We prefer to receive a recommendation from a preprofessional committee. If there is no such committee, letters should be provided by individual faculty members (preferably one letter each from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Humanities, if possible). Applicants who have been involved in graduate programs are encouraged to provide additional letters from their graduate schools. Letters of recommendation must be received by January 1.

Please see the Thomas Jefferson University Consumer Information Disclosures site for institutional information and data.

Prerequisite Requirements

The medical profession is a career for those prepared for a lifetime of service to the ill, regardless of diagnosis. Its objective is developing professional men and women prepared to adhere to the highest standards of conduct and behavior, a standard asked of few others in our society.

The Medical College Admission Test and a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada are required unless the student is being admitted through an SKMC approved special program with modified requirements. Credit for foreign course work must be validated and/or accepted by an accredited U.S. college or university. It is preferable to have courses graded by the traditional grading system rather than by pass/fail grades.

All academic requirements should be completed prior to matriculation. All prerequisite courses should be completed within five years of application.

We recommend that applicants have strong preparation in the sciences basic to medical school studies. A variety of college course formats and combinations, including biology, general and organic chemistry and physics are a minimum. Courses taken should include or be supplemented by laboratory experiences. Courses should be comparable to courses accepted for concentration in these disciplines. We encourage you to supplement any advanced placement credits with additional courses in similar subjects. Upper level science courses that cover material taught within the medical school curriculum will not affect our admissions decision.

We encourage you to take honors and independent study or research courses to explore a specific area of knowledge and provide scholarly experience which will facilitate a lifelong habit of self-education.

We expect breadth of education, and encourage the in-depth pursuit of one discipline. Studies in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences and the development of effective writing skills are strongly suggested to learn how to effectively acquire, synthesize, apply and communicate information. These skills are crucial to success in medical degree programs and professions.

The MCAT is required for all applicants. The test may be taken anytime in the three years prior to the time of application, but the best time to take it is in the spring before you apply.

All applicants must request that their MCAT scores be sent to the Admissions Office.

To register for the MCAT, contact your premedical advisor or the MCAT Program Office:

MCAT Program Office
P.O. Box 4056
Iowa City, IA 52243-4056
Phone: 319-337-1357

Learn more about the MCAT

Certain minimum academic and technical standards are essential to complete your medical education and become a Doctor of Medicine. Any questions regarding these standards should be directed to the Office of Admissions for clarification. Accepted applicants requiring special accommodations should contact the admissions office as early as possible.

All students must possess the perseverance, diligence and consistency to complete the medical school curriculum and to enter the independent practice of medicine. Among the other requirements for admission to Sidney Kimmel Medical College are the abilities to:

  • The ability to analyze, synthesize and solve problems, and reach diagnostic and therapeutic judgments.
  • Sufficient use of the senses of vision and hearing and somatic sensation necessary to perform a physical examination using observation, palpation, auscultation and percussion and the ability to execute motor movements reasonably required to provide both general patient care and emergency treatment.
  • The ability to relate to patients and to establish sensitive, professional relationships with patients.
  • The ability to work as an effective team member of the health care team. The ability to communicate in writing and verbally with patients and medical colleagues with accuracy, clarity and efficiency in both routine and emergency conditions. Accommodation through use of a trained intermediary or other communications aide may be appropriate when this intermediary functions as an information conduit.
  • The ability to learn and perform certain laboratory and diagnostic procedures.
  • The ability to use good judgment in the assessment and treatment of patients.
  • The ability to accept criticism and to respond by appropriate modification of behavior.
  • No infectious disease which would prevent the performance of essential clinical activities required to complete the curriculum.
  • The perseverance, diligence and consistency to complete the medical school curriculum and to enter the independent practice of medicine.

Students may not have any infectious disease which would prevent the performance of essential clinical activities required to complete the curriculum.

After Submitting your AMCAS Application

Once we receive your verified AMCAS application we will e-mail you instructions for completing the SKMC Secondary Application. These instructions will include a log-in ID and PIN for you to complete the application online. 

(Note: You will need a credit/debit card to pay the application fee.)

Each year, we invite (by e-mail) approximately 800 applicants to interview at Thomas Jefferson University. The interview process begins mid-September and continues through February. Interviews take place each Wednesday (except for the week of Thanksgiving, the week of our Winter Holiday, and Spring Break).

We offer applicants invited for an interview the opportunity to experience Thomas Jefferson University with a full day of activities, starting at 10:00 a.m. During the Wednesday program, invited applicants have the opportunity to meet with the Dean of Admissions, the Director of Admissions, current students and faculty. The faculty interview is one-on-one and open file with a member of the Committee on Admissions.

Each year, the Committee on Admissions of Sidney Kimmel Medical College establishes criteria for granting interviews to applicants. These criteria include academic performance, letters of recommendation and consideration for one of our special programs. We send a supplementary application and brochure to everyone who applies, however, not every applicant can be granted an interview.

Acceptance Conditions

All offers of acceptance for admission to Sidney Kimmel Medical College are conditional upon:

  • Satisfactory completion of current enrollment
  • Meeting all entrance requirements (including all academic and technical standards of the College)
  • Satisfactory health
  • Agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the University and Code of Professional Conduct
  • Agreement to accept curriculum changes as approved by the faculty and tuition changes as determined by the Board of Trustees