Clinical Research

The Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology offers both residents and medical students the opportunity to pursue their goals in academic medicine alongside their clinical work.

Our faculty are engaged in a large number of projects occurring at any time within our clinic. We make it our mission to offer students and residents the opportunity to become involved in projects occurring within the clinic in addition to pursuing academic interests of their own.

Currently we are involved in a number of studies including the patient perspective and embracing the idea of patients as partners on our multi-disciplinary healthcare team. We are utilizing our patient population to run studies looking at ways to assess and improve resident communication in our clinic in addition to improving dermatological patient education. We conduct a large number of projects assessing our patient population in hopes of facilitating a positive cultural change in our patient-provider relationship. Additionally, we are involved in a number of different studies using our dermatopathology facilities ranging from retrospective/prospective chart reviews, to assessing cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patient slides in hopes of improving the staging system of the disease.