• Advocacy - We help refugees with many of their needs beyond acute medical issues. Our main roles are to help refugees navigate the US healthcare system and to empower them to have a greater role in their own healthcare.
  • Education - Offering many programs, ranging from tutoring to waiting room education to healthcare workshops, aim to provide the community with the skills and knowledge they need to improve not only their health but also help them adjust to life in Philadelphia.
  • Finance - We apply for grants and hold fundraisers to keep our free clinics stocked with medications, make sure our tutors have workbooks for their students, and cover all of the other expenses RHP incurs.
  • Health Services - Providing health screenings to various refugee populations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. In the past, we have provided Blood Glucose Screening, Blood Pressure Screening, Vision Screening, and Flu Shots at the health fairs we hold.
  • Outreach & Cultural Competency - With a focus on increasing awareness of Refugee Health Partners and it's services on two fronts: within the Jefferson population and, more importantly, within the Refugee community
  • Research - Our committee focuses on developing new research to better serve the RHP community