To empower refugees by helping them navigate the US healthcare system, and improve access to care.

What We Do

We help refugees with many of their needs beyond acute medical issues. Our main roles are to help refugees navigate the US healthcare system and to empower them to have a greater role in their own healthcare. A basic rule of thumb is that we help with anything that a social worker might do: insurance, bills, specialty care, employment, transportation, follow-up appointments and more.


  • Clinic & Follow-up: provide advice and direct assistance with obtaining insurance, making appointments, patient transportation, and specialist referrals at Houston Clinic and BAOP.
  • Family Partners: pair refugee families with medical and other health professional students for year-round advocacy, assistance, and friendship.
  • Community Health Fairs: We partner with outside community organizations to participate in neighborhood and city-wide health fairs  in order to educate and assist refugees on advocacy issues they may be experiencing.
  • Health insurance: we help refugees navigate the ever-changing health insurance system. We educate families about options under ACA, Medicaid and employer based insurance options. We also connect families to local organizations that will help them sign up for the best insurance option for each individual and their family.