Neurology Residency Program


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Residency

Program Type

  • On Campus

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Nicole Calautti
Medical: University of Virginia

Shandon Coffman
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Audrey Del Re
Medical: Drexel University

Kathryn Dent
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Kiran Iyer
Medical: Temple University

Kimberly Sansalone
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Leah Shabo
Medical: University of Virginia

Deborah Steinberg
Medical: Albany Medical College

Sarah Stuccio
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Dean Zeldich
Medical: Boston University

Brianna Casey
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Michael DeMaio
Medical: Drexel University

Karyn Ding
Medical: University of Alabama

Elizabeth Fletman
Medical: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Pooja Gupta 
Medical: University of Massachusetts

Yuan-Ping (Peter) Li
Medical: Drexel University

Emily Lubas
Medical: Cooper Medical School

Danielle Porreca
Medical: Temple University

Madeline Russell
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University      

Heping (Ann) Sheng
Medical: Boston University

Emma Yellin
Medical: Drexel University 

Rikka Azuma
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Nathaniel Fox
Medical: Case Western Reserve University

Julian Gal
Medical: University of Rochester

Patricia Graese
Medical: Medical University of South Carolina

Rebecca Hsu
Medical: Temple University

Jennifer Newman
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Megan Super
Medical: Wright State University

Anna Volski
Medical: Temple University

Qiu Zi Yang
Medical: Boston University

Erum Ahmed
Medical: Pennsylvania State University

Rachael Burke, MD
Medical: Thomas Jefferson University

Alexander Buslov, MD
Medical: University of Massachusetts 

Courtney Curran, MD
Medical: Cooper Medical School

Brendan Elias. MD
Medical: Temple University

Lucia Liao, MD
Medical: Pennsylvania State University

Mitchell Silver, MD
Medical: Temple University

Victor Wang, MD
Medical: Georgetown University

Jessica Yi, MD
Medical: University of Wisconsin

Resident Graduates

We’re proud of our residents and our residency program alumni/ae/x. Our residents have gone on to complete fellowship training at many outstanding programs and institutions across a wide range of sub-specialties. Below are the fellowship or post-graduate plans of our recently graduated classes.

Class of 2022

Michelle Braslavksy Epilepsy (University of California San Francisco)
Karina Burda Movement Disorders (Jefferson)
Tzu-Ying Chuang Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology (Mass General Hospital/Brigham and Women's Hospital)
Olivia Gruder Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology (Yale)
Eunice Lee Neurocritical Care (Jefferson)
Henry Lee Clinical Practice (Christiana Hospital)
Lucy Maguire Neurocritical Care (Jefferson)
Kasun Navarathna Neurocritical Care (Yale)
Priyadarshee Patel Vascular Neurology (University of Pittsburgh)
Louis Porreca Epilepsy (Jefferson)
Malissa Pynes Neurocritical Care (University of Southern California)

Class of 2021

Frank Anzelmi Vascular Neurology (Jefferson)
Lara Basovic Epilepsy (Jefferson)
Michelle  DePoy Headache (Jefferson)
Judy Diep Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology (University of Rochester) 
Belle English Adult/Pediatric Epilepsy (Jefferson/ DuPont)
Brittany Heckel Headache (Jefferson)
Estevana Isaac Cognitive/Behavioral Neurology (University of Pennsylvania)
Shyam Majmundar Vascular Neurology (University of Pittsburgh), Interventional Neurology (Jefferson)
Mahnoor Rehman Epilepsy (Jefferson) 

Class of 2020

Tucker Allred  Vascular Neurology (Jefferson)
Junaid Islam   Neurocritical Care (UT-Houston)
Patrick Kerns   Movement Disorders (University of Virginia)
Jane Khalife  Vascular Neurology (Mount Sinai); Interventional Neurology (Cooper University)
Nathanael Lee   Neurophysiology (University of Pennsylvania)
Aniket Natekar   Headache (Jefferson)
Sanskruti Patel   Movement Disorders (Georgetown University)
Deja Rose   Multiple Sclerosis (Cleveland Clinic)
Sirisha Thummalapenta   Movement Disorders (Jefferson)
Courtney White   Headache (Jefferson)
Hsiangkuo Yuan   Headache (Jefferson)

Class of 2019

Laura Cifrese   Neurocritical Care (Columbia University)
Franziska Herpich   Neurocritical Care (Jefferson)
Connie Tang   Neuromuscular (Jefferson)
Smita Holden   Vascular Neurology (University of Washington)
Steven Swavely   Neurophysiology/EEG (Jefferson)
Wanshu Di   Clinical Practice
Sonia Gill   Epilepsy (Jefferson)
Solomon Bisangwa   Clinical Practice
Matt Bokhari   Clinical Practice

Class of 2018

Leon Meytin   Movement Disorders (Mt. Sinai Downtown)
Neeja Desai   Movement Disorders (University of Maryland)
Claire Ceriani   Headache (Jefferson)
Danielle Willhour   Headache (Jefferson)
Sho Shimamoto   Neurophysiology/EEG (Jefferson)
Elan Miller   Vascular Neurology (Jefferson)
Megan Margiotta   Epilepsy (Jefferson)
Curtis Allumbaugh   Clinical Practice
Bhuvanesh Govind   Neurocritical Care (UT-Houston)

Class of 2017

Yu Kan Au   Neurocritical Care (Jefferson)
Christian Bacheler  Vascular Neurology (Jefferson)
Matt Berk   Clinical Practice
Angela Crudele   Epilepsy (Cleveland Clinic)
Anna Karpenko   Neurocritical Care (Jefferson)
Krista Lim-Hing   Neurocritical Care (University of Maryland)
Allyson Pickard   Epilepsy (Jefferson)
Alan Wang   Neurophysiology/EEG (University of Miami)
Ted Weissfeld   Movement Disorders (Jefferson)

Class of 2016

Norman Ajiboye  Vascular Neurology (Jefferson); Interventional Neurology (Texas Stroke Institute)
Shaista Alam  Vascular Neurology (University of Texas Health Science Center)
Anthony Allen   Neuromuscular (Jefferson)
Richard Byrne   Sleep Medicine (University of Rochester)
Jacqueline Kraft-Tinsley   Neurocritical Care (Emory)
Kedar Mahajan  Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology (Cleveland Clinic)
Nicole Mahdi   Vascular Neurology (Emory)
Joseph McCall   Clinical Practice