Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center - Surgical Division

This is a multi-disciplinary program for epilepsy with one of the largest referral bases and clinical volumes in the country, providing a variety of surgical and non-surgical approaches to epilepsy. Within the past year, eighty-nine epilepsy surgical cases have been performed. Residents are exposed to the essential elements of seizure management, reading and interpreting EEGs, deciding on medical versus surgical management and operative approaches to epilepsy.

More patients with epilepsy disorders are treated at Jefferson than all other programs in Philadelphia combined. The current research interests of this program include clinical trials for antiepileptic drugs, nerve stimulation and deep brain stimulation as a treatment for seizures, mathematical models of neural activity, investigations on genetics of and gene therapy for epilepsy, and biochemistry of receptors and neurotransmitters implicated in the pathogenesis of epilepsy.