Pathology Residency


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Residency

Program Length

4 years

Program Type

  • On Campus

Call to Actions

Resident Wellness Initiative

The Jefferson Pathology residency program recognizes that holistic wellness is an important part of a sustainable career as a productive pathologist, leading to the creation of the Residency Wellness initiative. The Wellness Initiative focuses on four areas of well-being: professional, physical, psychological, and social well-being. In 2019, wellness activities included faculty-hosted happy hours, rock climbing, and an ice cream social. 

In addition, there is an annual Residency Wellness Retreat, in which residents are relieved of clinical duties for a day to focus on learning new wellness techniques. In 2019, the theme was "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction."

An Evening at the Chair's - Drs. Peiper, Chan, Tucker, Naeem, Babariya, Collura, Peedin enjoying the view from Dr. Peiper's terrace.
An Evening at the Chair's - Drs. Vogel, Goldberg, and Wang
An Evening at the Chair's - Dr. Lin, Dr. Christensen, Dr. Kerr, Dr. Sahin, and Dr. Yuan
Dr. Jiang, Dr. Lin, Dr. Chao, and Dr. Reganis contemplating the ice cream flavours.
Ice Cream Social - Drs. Collura and Karp eating all the ice cream.
Chief's Choice 2019: Rock Climbing - 2019 Chief Resident Dr. Vogel
Chief's Choice 2019: Rock Climbing - Residents and their families taking a break from rock-climbing.
Chief's Choice 2019: Rock Climbing - Dr. Tuluc at the top of the wall.