Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency


  • Center City Campus
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Degree Earned

  • Residency

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  • On Campus

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The didactic and educational program for PM&R residents at Jefferson is comprehensive in nature with the principle goals of clinical proficiency, patient care, and success on the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Examination. 

Dedicated time is reserved for residents each Wednesday from 7AM-12PM, with abstention from all clinical duties, including pages. The didactic curriculum is designed to reflect the ACGME core competencies and supplements clinical activity and scholarly research.

Academic Calendar

Our didactic system utilizes a 12-month rotating block schedule, covering all major disciplines reflected on the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation board examination, and features high quality lecturers from a variety of programs and subspecialties. Subject areas include spinal cord injury, stroke, pain management, musculoskeletal, medical/rheumatologic, traumatic brain injury, pediatric rehabilitation, and functional rehabilitation (including amputee). There are interactive board review sessions that occur at the end of each block and summarize board relevant material covered during the block.

There are several longitudinal elements that are incorporated into the curriculum that reflect our commitment to the ACGME core competencies, such as quality improvement and professionalism. We are also currently developing a simulation program whereby residents have the capability of practicing rehabilitation specific cases in a protected setting where growth may be supported without reprobation for errors.

Residents from all levels present a topic of their choosing once per academic year in a “grand rounds” format. Resident presentations vary by level, but are required throughout the residency to bolster proficiency in presenting skills.  PGY-2 residents present a “morning report” case presentation with current reviews of the literature. PGY-3 and PGY-4 are responsible for preparing and presenting lectures within the realm of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Additionally, PGY-3 residents criticize a journal article and facilitate a discussion during “journal club,” required once during their scholastic year.