Office of Student Affairs & Career Counseling

Career Counseling & Mentoring

Career decision making is a complex process, but the Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling (OSACC) provides guidance, mentoring and resources to help you every step of the way.

Our students usually follow a timeline something like this:

  • Year One: Start to gather information about specialties
  • Year Two: Continue the information gathering process
  • Year Three: Begin the decision making process
  • Year Four: Decide which specialty is the best fit for you 

To facilitate this process, students meet annually with their assigned OSACC dean. Each of these meetings has specific goals:

  • In the first year, students are introduced to the role of the OSACC and are encouraged to turn to their personal support dean for career guidance, advice on physician shadowing with our faculty and discussion of summer plans. Students are also introduced to the AAMC Careers in Medicine curriculum through their Learning Societies starting in September of Year One. 
  • In Year Two, students are encouraged to continue career exploration, submit their CV for review and receive advice on planning their third-year clerkships. 
  • In Year Three, the deans review the students' CVs again and discuss specifics on career choice, which includes directing the students to meet with the most appropriate specialty advisor and providing advice on fourth-year schedules, away rotations and elective planning. 
  • Fourth-year students receive detailed counseling and advice on the Match process, which is called the "Road to Residency."

Throughout all four years, the OSACC holds class meetings to guide students through all the steps necessary for choosing a career. In addition, the different specialties have presentations to guide students through this process with specific advice.