Office of Student Affairs & Career Counseling


Name: Office for Student Affairs & Career Counseling
Department: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

1025 Walnut Street
Suite 116
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Contact Number(s):

Academic Advising

The Office of Student Affairs and Career Counseling (OSACC) at Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) serves as one of a number of support services to maximize a student's academic performance. At SKMC, we pride ourselves on being a warm, supportive, and collegial community of learners. The deans and staff in OSACC are here to help you be as successful as possible in your medical school careers, as well as in your future career choice. Students who are concerned about their academic progress should have no hesitation in reaching out to their Student Affairs dean for advice and encouragement. 

The deans in OSACC provide individual academic counseling, study skill support, individualized learning plans, and guidance through USMLE Step exam preparation. OSACC works closely with the Office of Academic Support Services to assist students who need extra academic support. Services appeal to a broad range of learners, whether you are struggling with coursework or would like to make adjustments and improvements to your overall approach to studying and learning. SKMC students needing assistance are able to work directly with the Director of Academic Support Services at Thomas Jefferson University. For additional support with clinical skills, OSACC helps facilitate assistance from the Clinical Skills faculty and the Director of Clinical Proficiency Remediation.

Other sources of academic advising and support include:

  • Peer tutors are available through the SKMC Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) and Hobart Armory Hare honor societies. 
  • Case-based learning faculty mentors
  • Clinical Skills faculty
  • Block leaders and thread leaders
  • Clerkship directors
  • Phase 1, 2, and 3 directors

Current Students: Access the SKMC Student Affairs Canvas (password protected)