Center for Academic Success

The mission of the Center for Academic Success (CAS) is to encourage and support effective, efficient learning for all students in all degree programs and fields of study, and to encourage and support life-long learning strategies that promote professional development.  

Our objectives:

  • To promote student metacognitive awareness, effective adjustment, and independence as learners.
  • To promote student persistence, academic success, and development of life-long learning and writing strategies.

Vision: We support open, equal, and inclusive practices at every stage of a student’s educational experience, and equal access to academic support and resources for all students. We believe that all students admitted to Jefferson programs can succeed and achieve their academic goals. We empower students to be responsible for their education and to cultivate strategies that lead to success.

We work toward these objectives via:

  • individual academic strategy consultations
  • individualized academic coaching
  • workshops
  • customized sessions for specific programs and courses
  • on-demand materials
  • on-campus events
  • collaboration with peer offices and resources across campus
  • close work with academic programs and faculty partners
  • support of content tutoring
  • support of accommodation services

Please email James Dyksen to make a request for any avenue of CAS support.