Student Writing Center


Name: Shawn Gonzalez, PhD
Position: Assistant Director for Writing Services
Organization: Office of Academic & Career Success

130 South Ninth Street
Edison Building, 18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Resources for Faculty

NEW: Jefferson Faculty Guide to APA Style, 7th Edition. This self-guided tutorial highlights key changes to consider when developing writing assignments for your students; and identifies additional resources for you and your students.

The Student Writing Center (SWC)values its partnerships with faculty. Collaboration helps the SWC to best meet the needs of student writers. Here are some ways the SWC and faculty can partner to optimize student success:

  1. Include information about the Student Writing Center (SWC) on your course Canvas sites and syllabi. This could be a link to the SWC website and a message from you about SWC services. Feel free to use this syllabus statement:

    The team in Center for Academic Success and the Student Writing Center are here to help you maximize your academic success. Whether you are encountering rigorous academic demands, wanting to improve your overall approach to studying and learning, or seeking writing support, we encourage you to utilize our services early and often – even before you think you might need them. Our primary offering is the one-on-one appointment, which you can schedule online by visiting the links below.

    During your Academic Support appointment, you and your tutor will discuss your specific goals and needs. Together, you can review time management, ways to develop more efficient and active study strategies, as well as how to improve your approach to test-taking. Additionally, as needed, your tutor can refer you to other on-campus support services, including tutoring, workshops, career planning, and the counseling center.

    Main Contact:

    Student Writing Center tutors will work with you at any stage of the writing process, from developing and organizing ideas, revising and editing drafts, to learning about APA or AMA style guidelines. Rather than editing your work for you, your tutor will actively engage you in meaningful conversations about your writing and help you to identify opportunities for revising and editing.
  2. For more information about the Center for Academic Success and the Student Writing Center’s services, visit our web pages on this site. These services are located in the Edison Building at Ninth and Sansom Streets, 18th floor.
  3. Add SWC administrators to your course Canvas sites, to ensure that our staff/tutors are familiar with your writing assignment requirements.
  4. Schedule an in-class (or outside-of-class) presentation or workshop with SWC staff. Topics often include fundamentals of academic writing, introduction to APA Style, and avoiding plagiarism/academic dishonesty.
  5. To help us anticipate and plan for peak periods, please let us know when key writing assignments are due, especially for larger classes.
  6. Please feel free to reach out to the SWC to discuss how we can best work together to support students. 

Key Contacts

Shawn Gonzalez
Assistant Director for Writing Services
Jefferson - Center City Campus

Jim Dyksen
Director, Center for Academic Success
Jefferson - Center City Campus