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Adjusting & Improving Learning Strategies

This presentation module overs material often addressed in orientation or early in the semester. The goal is to help encourage the kind of strategic adjustments that lead to more effective, efficient learning. The focus is on developing strategies for active study and good time management.

The following short presentations focus on topics that frequently come up as part of study strategy consultations. Our office also uses the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) as an opportunity for critical reflection. The presentations below are marked according to relevant LASSI subscales, to help any student with a LASSI report identify presentations of interest. We do encourage all students to view each; however; you'll find that the messages complement and supplement one another, and, hopefully, come together to present a practical approach to active and efficient learning.

Preparing Academic Success Strategies (PASS)

Preparing Academic Success Strategies (PASS) is a program focused on the skills and strategies that will help students adjust to the new learning demands to be expected at Jefferson. 

The topics covered include: active and efficient study, time management, strategies for online or remote learning, exam preparation and test-taking, as well as use of resources available across campus.

The live Zoom session for PASS this year was held on Friday, August 18, 2023. The Zoom session included discussion of key ideas and strategies, and advice from upper-year students in Jeff Center City programs.

Please find a link to the slide presentation used in the session below:

A recording of the 2022 session may be viewed in the following clips (contributions from the student panel tend to come in the second half of each clip):
  1. Introduction / Overview / Main ideas
  2. Strategies for computer-based, remote or online learning
  3. Time management
  4. The study cycle: Strategies for active, efficient study
  5. Test preparation and test taking
  6. Wrap-up and final questions

We encourage you to review the other related on-demand materials below; several are referenced in the PASS session. We also encourage you to make an appointment for an individual consultation about study strategies any time.

Resilience Workshop

Presented on March 8, 2021, by Dr. Helen Mach. This session presents strategies to promote resilience such as self-compassion, gratitude, empathy, building community/connection, and more:

Academic Support Short Video Series

A collaboration with the Academic Success Center at the East Falls campus, the following three short videos are similarly intended for students new to Jefferson programs.

The following three videos present strategic adjustments we recommend for meeting the demands of challenging programs. Each discusses strategies we consistently promote, but also provides advice for remote learning through online courses.

Please plan to set up an individual appointment with Academic Support to further discuss any of the topics raised in these materials, or to talk one-on-one about specific strategies and practical application to your courses and program.