Office of Student Affairs & Career Counseling


Name: Office for Student Affairs & Career Counseling
Department: Sidney Kimmel Medical College

1025 Walnut Street
Suite 116
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Contact Number(s):

Student Engagement

Finding a good balance between a rigorous medical school curriculum and enjoyable extra-curricular activities is crucial. Getting involved with extracurricular activities can:

  • Provide a nice break from academics
  • Provide balance in your life
  • Help with career exploration
  • Allow you to maintain your outside interests and hobbies (or find new ones!)
  • Provide a great opportunity to socialize with classmates and students in other classes
  • Enhance your CV

The Office of Student Affairs & Career Counseling (OSACC) helps students identify opportunities to get involved in meaningful ways, both on and off campus. Examples include:

  • Campus clubs and organizations
  • Community service activities
  • Athletic activities
  • Student Council/Class Liaisons
  • National medical student organizations
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Research opportunities

OSACC serves in an advisory capacity to the SKMC Student Council, which is the medical school’s student government body consisting of class representatives and various working subcommittees.

OSACC also oversees the school’s Learning Societies program, partnering with Society student leaders. SKMC students are sorted into one of four learning communities that serve to shape the learning and extracurricular environment for cohorts of students in a positive way to:

  • Promote longitudinal relationship-building
  • Provide social opportunities to connect with peers
  • Contribute to personal & professional development
  • Support of the well-being of peers
  • Enhance inclusiveness and a sense of community 

Current Students: Access the SKMC Student Affairs Canvas (password protected)