Wellness Tips

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful and anxiety-provoking to people, especially those who are already experiencing significant change and displacement as a university student. Being proactive about developing a wellness plan will help you cope with some of the added stressors many of you are feeling and will help you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.  Remember, your approach to holistic wellness is a personal journey (You determine what works best!) but please know, that we are here to help.

Emotional Wellness Tips

Allow yourself time to reflect on what you are feeling, acknowledge that this is a difficult time globally, and that many may be feeling the same way. Recognizing that you’re not alone can help lessen suffering.  Below are a few downloadable guided meditations from self-compassion.org to aid you in your practice of self-compassion:

When there is uncertainty, we can have tendencies for irrational or catastrophic thinking. Recognize generalizing or stigmatizing behaviors or attitude changes towards individuals from other countries, and be proactive at challenging these thoughts. Reframe automatic negative thoughts with a more realistic perspective.

 A way to acknowledge your emotions but prevent it from taking over your day, is to set aside a period of time during the day (10-30 minutes) to worry. In this way, you set a limit and boundary to your worry so you don’t get caught up in a thought spiral.

Physical Wellness Tips

Keep structure to your schedule and maintain as much of your daily routine to the extent possible. Get up around the same time of day, take a shower, eat regular meals, and be consistent with your sleep schedule.

To the best of your ability, maintain an exercise routine and keep physically active. The Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center is actively offering virtual programs to keep you and active and involved.  Follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_jrfc/ for daily updates, live group exercise classes, live Q&A’s with a Jefferson Registered Dietician, Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors. See below for more details on the offerings from the Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center.

Environmental Wellness Tips

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily. Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care. Maintain social distancing measures.

With remote learning and remote working, it is important to create a work space that is comfortable and conducive to learning. To the extent possible, cultivate a space that limits distraction, is separate from your sleep space, and includes meaningful artwork, photos of loved ones, or some greenery to gaze upon. Working in a space that has access to daytime sunlight is even better, so you can get some essential Vitamin D.

Social Wellness Tips

Supporting each other is important during these difficult times. Use the available technology to stay in touch by phone, text, Skype, Facetime, Netflix Party, and other social networking platforms while at home and maintaining social distancing.

Send messages of hope and gratitude to healthcare providers. Check in on them by phone, text, or video. Keep consistent with social distancing measures for them. Inform your healthcare providers that there are two meditation applications, TenPercent Happier and HeadSpace that are offering free subscriptions for six months or more to health care providers.

Spiritual Wellness Tips

Stay grounded in the present moment, which can help you maintain an internal sense of stability and balance when outside events feel threatening. If you participate in a faith-based organization, see if they are streaming services online or virtually. For those who are experienced meditators, looking to start a meditation practice, or simply looking for a resource to help with COVID-19 anxiety, the TenPercent Happier website is hosting free livestreams and videos on their website related to managing COVID-19 stress at https://www.tenpercent.com/coronavirussanityguide

Financial Wellness Tips

Worry can be exacerbated by loss of income and financial uncertainty. If you have financial concerns, the Financial Aid Department at Jefferson is just a click away and can help you with financial aid packages, loan options, graduating student repayment options, Federal Work Study and more.  To schedule a phone session, please e-mail Financial.aid@jefferson.edu.  

Intellectual & Occupational Wellness Tips

Limit exposure to media outlets that sensationalize or may be providing less credible or inaccurate information. Accurate up-to-date information about COVID-19 may be obtained through the Center for Disease Control website at www.cdc.gov

Be aware of campus resources that can help, including faculty office hours, peer support, and on-campus academic and student support resources. If you or a peer has high distress that does not seem to be lessening, call the counseling center. Your campus community is here to help!


Resources for Jefferson Students

215-955-HELP (4357)

Offering counseling and psychiatric consultation via telehealth and telephone. Please leave your contact name and number on the voicemail, and staff will return your call. For more information visit the counseling center webpage.

215-955-HELP (4357)

Offering counseling and psychiatric consultation via telehealth and telephone. Please leave your contact name and number on the voicemail, and staff will return your call. To learn more about the East Falls Campus counseling center visit their webpage.


Crisis Resources For All


The Jefferson Recreation & Fitness Center is offering a number of new programs designed to engage you from home! Not only will we be doing Instagram TV episodes but we will also be offering live, Q&A’s with dieticians and trainers, uploading group exercise classes to YouTube TV and exploring other options to bring our classes, knowledge and ideas virtually into your homes! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on our latest post! Download 

Live Events

Date Time Presenter Topic  
Monday, 3/30 9:30a Susan Bash Mental & Emotional Hygiene During COVID  
Monday, 3/30 10a Aaron Sutton Cognitive Reframing: Managing Stress  
Monday, 3/30 10:30a Tara Robbins Coffee Break: Staying Sane, Connected & Healthy  
Monday, 3/30 11a Rachael Rosenfeld  What I’m Feeling is Normal: Managing Grief & Anxiety  
Monday, 3/30 12p Tara Robbins Yoga on the Go  
Monday, 3/30 12:30p Devon Punchello Women, Work & Well-Being: Finding Balance  
Monday, 3/30 1p Kelsey McCrann Finding a New Normal: Coping with Change  
Monday, 3/30 2p Aaron Sutton Nutrition & Exercise During Social Distancing  
Monday, 3/30 3:30p Ashlee Battle Stress Management Tips  
Tuesday, 3/31 8:30a Mollie Cherson Working Remotely & Home Schooling: Staying Grounded  
Tuesday, 3/31 9:30a Susan Bash Mental & Emotional Hygiene During COVID  
Tuesday, 3/31 10a Charlena Ware Gentle Chair Stretch to Reduce Tension  
Tuesday 3/31 10:30a Tara Robbins Coffee Break: Staying Sane, Connected & Healthy  
Tuesday, 3/31 11a Ashlee Battle Stress Management Tips  
Tuesday, 3/31 11:30a Rachelle Rene & Michael
Your Mental Health Matters: Finding Community in
Tuesday, 3/31 12p Carlyn Mast Pregnancy During A Pandemic: Finding Balance  
Tuesday, 3/31 12:30p Manju Philip Nedumakel  Let’s talk coping  
Tuesday, 3/31 2:30p Kate O’Hara Change of Shift: Tools for the Healthcare Provider  
Wednesday, 4/1 7:30a Charlena Ware Embracing Faith as an Anchor: Steady in Unsteady Times  
Wednesday, 4/1 10a Angelo Rannazzisi News & Mood: Finding Healthy Ways to Cope  
Wednesday, 4/1 11a Rachael Rosenfeld  What I’m Feeling is Normal: Managing Grief & Anxiety  
Wednesday, 4/1 11:30a Christine Marschilok Nutrition & Exercise During Social Distancing  
Wednesday, 4/1 12p Tara Robbins Yoga on the Go  
Wednesday, 4/1 12:30p Mollie Cherson Getting Creative With Self-Care  
Wednesday, 4/1 2:30p Kate O’Hara Change of Shift: Tools for the Healthcare Provider  
Wednesday, 4/1 3:30p Manoucheka Emmanuel Managing Anxiety: Mindful Coping  
Thursday, 4/2 8:30a Kelsey McCrann Finding a New Normal: Coping with Change  
Thursday, 4/2 9a Ashlee Battle Stress Management Tips  
Thursday, 4/2 10a Charlena Ware Gentle Chair Stretch to Reduce Tension  
Thursday, 4/2 10:30a Tara Robbins Coffee Break: Staying Sane, Connected & Healthy  
Thursday, 4/2 12p Carlyn Mast Pregnancy During A Pandemic: Finding Balance  
Thursday, 4/2 12:30p Charlena Ware Gentle Chair Stretch to Reduce Tension  
Thursday, 4/2 1:30p Phansy Chun Creativity & Stress Management for Parents  
Thursday, 4/2 2p Susan Bash Mental & Emotional Hygiene During COVID  
Thursday, 4/2 3:30p Rachael Rosenfeld  What I’m Feeling is Normal: Managing Grief & Anxiety  
Friday, 4/3 8:30a Aaron Sutton Cognitive Reframing: Managing Stress  
Friday, 4/3 9a Mollie Cherson Getting Creative With Self-Care  
Friday, 4/3 10a Charlena Ware Gentle Chair Stretch to Reduce Tension  
Friday, 4/3 11a Christine Marschilok Women, Work & Well-Being: Finding Balance  
Friday, 4/3 12p Tara Robbins Yoga on the Go  
Friday, 4/3 12:30p Mollie Cherson Working Remotely & Home Schooling: Staying Grounded  
Friday, 4/3 1p Manoucheka Emmanuel Managing Anxiety: Mindful Coping  
Friday, 4/3 2p Aaron Sutton Nutrition & Exercise During Social Distancing  
Friday, 4/3 3:30p Angelo Rannazzisi News & Mood: Finding Healthy Ways to Cope  

Social distancing has brought about a number of challenges but it has also encouraged people to be a bit more creative with their daily routines and social interactions.  A fantastic, and wildly popular virtual outlet is on-line gaming.   Weather its Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty or any of the thousand other games out there, there are people in the Jefferson community who want to connect! We have created a shared Google Document where Jefferson students (and staff) can share their on-line gaming handles, their gaming system and the game prefrences.  Email Samuel.miller@jefferson.edu to be added to the list at which point you will also be granted access to other players contact info.

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