Residential Life-East Falls Campus

Student Support

All of our residence halls are staffed with a Resident Assistant (RA), an upper-class student staff member assigned to each floor. The RA builds community by implementing programs, addressing policy, and acting as a peer mentor to residents. An RA is on duty each evening from 7pm to 8am in order to assist with any problems, concerns, or questions that a resident student may have. Resident Assistant Mentors (RAMs) are more seasoned RAs who provide additional support to our residents. In addition, there is one live-in professional staff member, the Resident Director (RD), on each side of campus. The RD oversees the overall operation of the area. See below for information on the types of support we offer to our residents.

Conflict Resolution

Residential Life strives to respond to every conflict in a compassionate, empathetic way and to help students understand root causes as well as harm caused. Our staff is trained in creating spaces that allow residents in conflict to talk things out, repair the harm, heal, and move on. If you're experiencing a conflict, a great place to start is your Resident Assistant, who will listen and offer to help! Our professional staff team can also assist with conflict coaching, mediation, shuttle diplomacy, and circle processes. Our team can also provide conflict coaching for students who are not experiencing a conflict but want to develop better communication skills and strategies to manage future conflicts.

Mental Wellness

Residential Life strives to support students in a compassionate, empathetic way. If you need support, please feel free to talk to your RA or any RA in your building; your RD; or any of our other professional staff members. Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls' Student Counseling Center (SCC) also offers a variety of counseling and support to help students in times of need. Our staff can also connect you with SCC's Counselor on Call. Please see the Student Counseling Center's website for more information. If you are in crisis on campus, please call Public Safety at 215-951-2999 for assistance. 

Student Leadership Opportunities

Our office employs student leaders as Resident Assistants and Office Assistants. For more information, please see our Student Staff Positions page.

Involvement Opportunities

Our Resident Assistants plan dozens of events each month! Please check flyers, bulletin boards, and communications from your RA about upcoming events.


Need help navigating Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls? Talk to us. Our office works with all campus partners, including Public Safety, Facilities, Dining, the Office of Student Engagement, Career Services, the Dean of Students office, Accessibility Services, the Student Counseling Center, Athletics, Global Education and Initiatives, JeffSECURE, the Ramily Market, the Academic Success Center, and more. Our Resident Assistants, Office Assistants, and professional staff team can assist in connecting you with staff from other offices at the University and can assist with referrals.

Accessibility Accommodations

Please refer to the Office of Accessibility Services website for information on housing accommodations.

Assistance Animals

Please refer to the Office of Accessibility Services website for information on assistance animals.