Residential Life-East Falls Campus

Meal Plan Information

Your life is busy, make it a little easier with a University Meal Plan. All University students, including graduate and commuter students, are eligible.

All meal plans have the option of eating in Ravenhill Dining or for the meal's cash equivalency at any retail dining location, which includes Ted’s, Common Thread and Common Thread Express. Meal Plan pricing for Premium, Standard and Block plans can be found in the Dining Guides.

The Premium Meal Plans have been designed to give students the flexibility to use their meals at any point during the day and up to four meals in any given day. For example, students can use two meals during a lunch period. The only limitation is that students cannot go above their allotted meal plans for each week.

The Standard Meal Plans are designated by the use of your student ID during the designated meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as established by Parkhurst Dining Service.

Bonus dollars can be used at any University dining facilities and/or convenience stores. Bonus dollars roll over from Fall to Spring semester.

Meal Plan Requests or Change Policy

Students can make changes to weekly meal plans during the first two weeks of the semester. No meal plan changes can be made after the first two weeks of the semester. After the two-week cut-off, students will be billed in full for the semester’s meal plan charges.

Commuter Block Meal plans cannot be changed.

To request or change a meal plan go to the Housing Application, login and click on Meal Plan Application.