Residential Life-East Falls Campus

Report an Incident

Reporting Bias, Discrimination, & Harassment

Any individual with knowledge of an incident involving Bias, Discrimination, and Harassment by a University community member can make a report using the Bias, Discrimination, and Harassment Reporting Form. The sooner you report an incident, the greater likelihood that you will remember important information and details.

You will likely be asked to recall a detailed account of the incident includes who, what, where, how, and why; words that were spoken, gestures, and other behavior; the names, descriptions, and contact information of those involved, including witnesses; and any other relevant information such as photos, screenshots, communications, etc. However, don’t let the absence of such information deter you from reporting.

Once a report is received, it will be assigned to the Dean of Student’s Office. Once assigned, a staff member from the office will reach out to the complainant to gather further information within two (2) business days of receiving the complaint.

If through information gathering the staff member determines that a crime may have occurred, the incident will be referred to Public Safety. Reports of possible hate crimes are investigated by Public Safety. If Public Safety determines there is no crime involved in the reported incident, they will refer the incident to the appropriate University office for further processing. If the reported bias incident is determined to implicate the University Community Standards or the Employee Code of Conduct, the incident will be referred to the Dean of Students Office/Assistant Provost’s Office (students) or the Office of Human Resources (employees) for further processing.

University offices receiving reports consider privacy and due process rights of those involved.

Reporting a Violation of the University Community Standards

Any individual with knowledge of an incident of misconduct involving a University Student or Student Organization can make a report to the Dean of Students Office. Reports of alleged policy violations by Students or Student Organizations can be submitted by completing the General Incident Reporting Form. For more information, visit the University's Community Standards page.

Reporting Title IX & Sexual Misconduct

For more information regarding Title IX, Jefferson's Sexual Misconduct Policy, and resources available for those affected by sexual misconduct, please refer to the Title IX Sexual Misconduct website.