Residential Life-East Falls Campus


Incoming Students

Our office assigns incoming, first-year students in double, triple and quad rooms in Ronson, Fortess, Mott, and Partridge Halls on Ravenhill Campus, and double rooms in Scholler Hall on Main Campus.

Roommate preferences for incoming students must be mutual and submitted via the Housing Portal. If students wish to live together, all applications and agreements must be submitted on time. 

Students without roommate requests complete a Roommate Profile in their housing application. Each student’s answers to the Roommate Profile’s questions help students to locate others with similar interests, creating potential roommate matches. If students are not able to find a roommate, the Office of Residential Life will use their Roommate Profile to match them with other students.

Returning Students

Returning students self-select housing in double rooms in Scholler Hall, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments in Independence Plaza, and our Townhouses. Information about the housing selection process for returning students is provided at the beginning of the spring semester and students should follow all published guidelines. Returning students may select their roommates during the process. The University reserves the right to change assignments.

Open Spaces & Consolidation

When vacancies occur, the University reserves the right to show rooms and assign new occupants to fill those vacancies. The University reserves the right to consolidate students in partially filled rooms, apartments, or Townhouses. Residential Life reserves the right to consolidate space at any time during the course of an academic year. Residential Life staff will facilitate consolidation and assist residents in finding roommates during the consolidation period.

In spaces with University-issued furniture, residents of partially filled rooms may occupy only one set of furniture in order to accommodate a potential new roommate. The other set(s) of furniture should be clear and ready for occupancy. Any student occupying two sets of furniture will be referred to Community Standards.

In a partially filled room or suite, the Office of Residential Life may the resident to find a new roommate to fill the vacancy or may assign a new roommate at any time without requiring current resident approval. Residents in shared spaces without a roommate may receive a roommate at any time. Residential Life staff will attempt to inform residents within 48 hours of a new roommate being assigned, although this is not always possible.

New Roommates

When a new resident is assigned, the current occupant(s) are expected to welcome the new roommate and treat them with respect. Failure to demonstrate respectful behavior by any current occupant of a room will result in a referral to Community Standards.

Examples of inappropriate actions include, but are not limited to:

  • telling the student assigned that you do not want anyone living with you;
  • expressing to the student that you do not want them living with you;
  • telling the student that their experience will be difficult in the assigned space;
  • or communicating any other disparaging comments made to or about the new resident or assignment process including but not limited to: in-person comments, words or actions about or directed towards the newly assigned resident.


Students in need of housing modifications or accommodations due to accessibility needs should contact the Office of Accessibility Services. Please pay attention to posted deadlines. 


The resident agrees to hold the University, its agents, and employees harmless from all damages, liability, or loss arising out of any negligent act or omission or other misconduct by the student on or about the premises. The University is not responsible for any loss or damage to residents' personal property, regardless of the cause, such as fire, flood, theft, or other unforeseen events.

Equal Opportunity Statement