Residential Life-East Falls Campus


The Townhouses are three-level units housing upper-class students. Each townhouse includes five single-occupancy bedrooms, and a shared bathroom, living/dining room, and kitchen. The facility is furnished and air-conditioned. Laundry facilities for the townhouses are located in Scholler Hall.

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Apartments/Rooms (Amount)
14 Units; each unit has 5 single bedrooms
Bed Size Extra-long (36" X 80")
Bed Type Traditional
Cable TV Option One connection per living room and each bedroom
Elevator None available
Ethernet Connection One port per resident
Floor Covering in Rooms Carpeted, except in kitchen and bathroom
Furniture (Provided) Living room and dining room furniture provided as space permits (ex: couch, chair, coffee table, end table, dining table, and 5 dining table chairs); amount of furniture varies by apartment
Heating & Cooling Systems Heating and cooling in townhouse, regulated by thermostat in townhouse
Kitchen Facility Full kitchen with oven, refrigerator, and sink
Laundry Facilities Available in Scholler Hall
Lounges Not applicable
Staffing 2 Resident Assistants
Vending Machines Available in Scholler Hall
Window Treatments Blinds