Residential Life-East Falls Campus

Themed Communities

We offer three themed communities. Our first-year students are able to opt in to our Honors Community, Intersectionality Community, or Women-Identified Community.

  • The Honors Community is located in Ronson Hall and houses first-year Honors students in a supportive and welcoming environment. Honors students may opt-in to this community, but roommates must also be members of the Honors Program.
  • The Intersectionality Community is also located in Ronson Hall. This community intentionally provides a safe, supportive and comfortable space for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations. All rooms and bathrooms within the community are gender-inclusive, affirming our dedication to inclusion and allowing all of our residence hall students to express themselves authentically. The community is open to first-year students.
  • Students who identify as women may opt-in to our Women-Identified Community, which is located in Fortess Hall. All students who live in Fortess Hall identify as women. The community is open to first-year students.