Residential Life-East Falls Campus

Room Information

What’s in Your Room

All traditional residence hall double rooms offer each student a 36" x 80" extra-long twin bed, a desk, a desk chair, a wardrobe with drawers, blinds that are pre-hung on the windows, and access to the University's internet network. The University does not provide linen service, so you will need to provide your own bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, etc.). 

All of our residence halls contain the following:

  • Air conditioning
  • Extra-long (36" x 80") beds
  • Ethernet connections
  • WiFi
  • One bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser and/or wardrobe per resident.

In addition to offering all items from residence hall rooms, apartment-style Independence Plaza and our Townhouses also include a stove, oven, and refrigerator. The living room consists of seating for four and coffee table. There is also a dining table with seating for four.

We also recommend bringing a clock, bed linens, blanket/comforter/pillows, cleaning supplies, desk lamps, laundry baskets and supplies, and a trash can.

The University will not permit the furniture to be removed from any room/apartment/townhouse. While some rooms are large enough to accommodate additional types of furniture, it is best to wait until after students move in to make that decision.

Given our residence halls offer many different floor plans and configurations, we are not able to provide exact dimensions for each of our rooms at this time.

Decorating Your Room

Residential Life partners with Dormify, the online superstore for college supplies. Since you’re preparing to live at Jefferson - East Falls, they know just what will be needed to make your residence hall room comfortable and all-around conducive to college life. When shopping for your residence hall room, Dormify is your one-stop-shop. Their goal is clear and simple: we'll provide great products, all at student-discount prices, so as to help you enjoy your year at Jefferson - East Falls. For more information:

Refrigerators, Microwaves, & MicroFridge Program

During the summer months, students receive rental information for refrigerators and refrigerator/microwave combination units through a non-University vendor, Refrigerators are available in a small refrigerator unit or a combination unit containing a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

Residents also have the option to bring their own refrigerator unit up to 4.3 cubic feet in size, but may only have microwaves offered through Residents in single, double, and triple rooms are only permitted one refrigerator per room. Residents in 4-person rooms may have two 4.3 cubic feet refrigerators.

Residents of the Townhouses and Independence Plaza may bring their own microwave up to .6 cubic feet in size with a maximum of 700W cook and 300W defrost capability. Each Townhouse or apartment in Independence Plaza may only have one microwave, and it must be placed in the kitchen.


Washers and dryers are located in laundry rooms in the residence halls. The machines are free of charge to residential students only.

Bed Lofting Requests

Students in Fortess, Mott, Partridge, Ronson, and Scholler Halls can request to have their bed lofted to Level 2 after arriving on campus. Lofts are not permitted in the Townhouses or Independence Plaza, as all beds in Townhouses and Independence Plaza are set to the 3-foot height to allow for maximum storage.

All requests for bed lofting appointments must be submitted through through a work order. Most beds are currently set at Level 1 as a default; work orders should only be submitted to request bed lofting at Level 2. At least one resident must be present at the time of the lofting appointment, and personal items should be cleared from the area in advance. Once the bed is lofted, it can only be de-lofted under extenuating circumstances.

Please note that bed lofting requests cannot be honored on move-in day due to the volume of activity in the halls. Requests will be scheduled after the start of classes and will continue to be accepted until October 1. After October 1, all requests must be approved by the Office of Residence Life before submission to the Facilities department.

To prevent making multiple service trips for bed adjustments, Facilities will accept one request per person unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Lead Paint Statement

The University, in accordance with city, state, and federal laws, screens for the presence of lead-based paint in all residential facilities built prior to 1978. The results of these tests, in full, are available in the facility offices. Additionally, attached hereto is a certification prepared by a dust wipe technician stating that the property is either lead-safe or lead-free. Be advised that you have a ten (10) day period after signing your lease during which you may, at your own expense, obtain another comprehensive lead inspection and risk assessment from a certified lead inspector. If you elect to obtain such an inspection and assessment and the results show that your room or apartment contains lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards, you can terminate your lease within two (2) business days after you receive the report. If you don't obtain an inspection within ten (10) days after signing the lease, you will have waived the right to do so later. Please review your housing application and agreement for information specific to each area.