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Third Year Family Medicine Residents


Miranda Aragon, MD
University of New Mexico School of Medicine, 2016
University of New Mexico, B.A., 2012

I'm a native New Mexican, and though I'm spoiled on ridiculously good food there, I'm excited to start the next adventure in a beautiful and fun part of the country! I studied minority and policy issues during undergrad at the University of New Mexico and graduated with a BA in political science. After a whirlwind backpacking tour of Europe, I promptly started medical school with the goal of finding opportunities to work with underserved communities and fire people up about systemic change. 
During medical school I spent time working in vibrant communities (including the Navajo reservation in Shiprock, New Mexico shortly after the Gold King Mine contamination) and on important initiatives, especially regarding reproductive health. It has continued to inspire me to work toward social equity, which is where family medicine comes in! I'm excited to be working in a field that prioritizes relationships and the concept of well-being at the center of a complex web of social, political, economic and environmental systems. Jeff appealed to me because of the diverse patient population, opportunities for family planning training and the warm, welcoming FM family.
I'm a total foodie and enjoy traveling, hiking, intersectionality, live music, road trips, and making really awesome playlists (in my humble opinion). 


Kyle Bardet, MD - Chief Resident
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2016
University of California, Davis, B.S., 2010

I’m a California native who has decided to make South Philadelphia home. I was born on the beach in SoCal, grew up in the Central Valley, and attended UC Davis in Northern California. Originally planning for a career as a veterinarian, I studied animal sciences before getting a degree in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior. I managed veterinary hospitals in California and Philadelphia after college, even though I quickly realized I preferred working with patients who talked more and bit less. I realized that anatomy and physiology aren’t nearly as interesting without the social interactions, relationships, and emotional context only human patients have, and I was sold on family medicine early on.

I attended medical school at Sidney Kimmel Medical College and chose to stay at Jefferson for residency to continue working with Philadelphia’s diverse and urban populations. Outside of doctoring, I enjoy TV, napping, and eating dessert (the most important meal of my day). To make up for these vices, you can find me running the Schuylkill River Trail or walking my dog, Gryff, through the many parks in the city.


Amy Lachewitz, MD
University of London, St. George's School of Medicine, 2016
Rutgers University, Rutgers College Honors Program, B.A., 2009

I am from South Jersey, but as many of us from the suburbs do, I call Philadelphia my home. I graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in 2009, where I studied biology and cognitive science. Studying cognitive science helped me to see how we could take an interdisciplinary look at the mind and self, and that same mentality led me to a holistic view of health and the body… which has led me to family medicine! After college, I worked at the Center for Studies of Addiction at UPenn for a couple of years and got to know what the behind-the-scenes of clinical research looks like while learning about the important and complex field of addiction.

I then headed off to medical school in a unique program through St. George’s, University of London in which we spent the first two years studying in Cyprus and the second two years in Chicago while earning a UK degree. It was wonderful to live and study in two such different and culturally rich environments. I had classmates from all over the world, and have gained perspective by learning alongside friends and teachers with varied and vibrant backgrounds.

I was drawn to Family Medicine as soon as I entered medical school. I care deeply about health equity, meaningful patient-provider relationships, education, and wellness, and this is the field of medicine that shares my values most closely. I am thrilled to train at Jefferson where they are amazing at turning those values into action. Plus, after a few years spent exploring the world outside of the East Coast, I get to come home to friends, family, and my favorite concert venues to boot. In my free time I like to keep houseplants alive, read recipes and then disregard them, try new fitness regimens for two weeks at a time, and learn to identify birds, but mostly just be outside and get excited about nature.


Sunny Lai, MD, MPH
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, 2016
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, M.P.H., 2015
University of California, Berkley, B.A., 2009

For nearly three decades, I called the San Francisco Bay Area my home. I spent the first thirteen years in the South Bay growing up on the same street as Apple. In high school, I moved to the North Bay, a place with bountiful redwood trees, to attend a high school with a strong orchestra where I played the violin. In college, I ventured to the East Bay to study international development at the University of California, Berkeley. After two years of working at a community clinic in San Francisco, I studied medicine at University of California, San Francisco with an emphasis in urban underserved care (PRIME-US track) and took a year to study public health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

I am excited to finally begin my work as a family medicine doctor! I first learned about the specialty while working at a community health clinic in San Francisco after college. As a health coach, not a single day passed without hearing how poverty, violence, and general life chaos caused or contributed to people's health conditions. There I witnessed numerous family medicine doctors who were attuned to this reality and incorporated it seamlessly into their care. Not only were they their patients’ trusted guides in illness and health, they were also their advocates for better social conditions. Ever since, I have wanted to follow in their footsteps.

When I interviewed at Jefferson, I felt right at home! I sensed a strong commitment to social justice and the surrounding community. I knew that I could flourish and become the physician that I want to be here. Although I miss the Bay Area tremendously, I cannot wait to explore all that Philadelphia has to offer. Ask me in a few months and hopefully I can tell you about my favorite underground arts collectives, hikes, noodle shops, and people.


Erica Li, MD - Chief Resident
Boston University School of Medicine, 2016
Boston University B.A., 2013

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and grew up there with my parents and two sisters. After high school, I decided to do the combined BA/MD program at Boston University. I majored in medical sciences with a minor in anthropology, which I loved. Over the last seven years, Boston has become my second home. Although I am sad to be leaving Boston, I am also extremely excited to move to Philadelphia to start my family medicine residency.

I decided to pursue medicine pretty early on and I haven’t looked back since. Every experience I had during medical school only reaffirmed my choice. During my third year of medical school, it became obvious that family medicine was the specialty for me. I love getting to know people and their stories and I’m excited for the genuine and longitudinal relationships that I will develop with my patients.

I chose the Jefferson program for residency because of the amazing faculty who are committed to teaching and the emphasis on service to the community and marginalized populations. I also immediately felt connected to the residents and staff that I met. I can’t wait to become a part of the Jefferson family!

When I’m not at work, I’ll most likely be eating something delicious, running outside by the water, or binge-watching Netflix. I also love to read books, go to concerts, and cook (or attempt to).


Gillian Love, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2016
The Pennsylvania State University, B.S., 2012

I grew up in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania - middle of nowhere, known only for the hometown of Yuengling. Cheers! I went to Penn State for my undergrad and majored in neurobiology. I’ve always been interested in human interactions and wrote my thesis in the biobehavioral health department. My combined interests in both people and science led me to Jefferson for med school!

Choosing family medicine was a simple decision for me; it’s the only specialty that allows me to explore all of my (very different) interests. I adore geriatrics and palliative care, but also love adolescents, family planning, and mental healthcare. The eye-opening opportunities I had in med school and all of the amazing people at JFMA made me want to stay for residency!

After growing up in a rural area, I love living in Philly. In my free time, my favorite “hobby” is restaurant and bar hopping with friends. I am so glad to be staying here to continue my restaurant bucket list! I also love traveling, playing piano (keyboard in my tiny apartment), tennis, and going to spin class. When I feel less motivated, I’m great at binge-watching Showtime and Real Housewives.


Rebecca Simon, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2016
The George Washington University, B.S., 2011

As my love for cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and the Phillies would suggest, I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the suburbs of the city. I spent my formative college years just down I-95 in Washington, DC, in pursuit of the Obamas and a bachelor's in Public Health at The George Washington University. It was there that I gained awareness for the importance of primary care and built on my passion to community service. My decision to become a family physician and to pursue Jefferson for medical school and residency was inspired by my work with vulnerable populations.

After college I returned to my beloved Philly and worked with Project HOME in their medical clinic and as the healthcare services coordinator for the Hub of Hope winter initiative, which aims to house chronically street homeless individuals. In medical school I joined the Urban Underserved Program, traveled to Rwanda with JeffHEALTH, rotated with IHS in Shiprock, New Mexico and directed a weekly clinic through JeffHOPE and its partnership with Prevention Point Philadelphia — all focused on addressing healthcare needs of medically underserved populations.

In my free time you can find me running around the city with my dog, a black lab-basset hound mix, or eating at one of the city’s amazing restaurants. I am so excited to be staying in Philly for the proximity to my family, the food, and the Phillies!


Daniel Sizemore, MD
The University of Toledo College of Medicine, 2016
University of Toledo, M.S., 2012
Cedarville University, B.A., 2011

I was born and raised in Freehold, NJ, but wanting to see more of the world I decided to do my undergraduate education at a small school in central OH called Cedarville University. There I learned that much of the world consists of unending cornfields. However, I also developed my passion for medicine during this time. While I majored in Psychology and planned on an academic career, I did an internship at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) where I soon fell in love with their philosophy of providing high quality healthcare to underserved populations.

I stayed in the Midwest as I completed my Masters and Medical degrees at the University of Toledo. Even before starting med school, I pretty much knew that I would end up in primary care and my time spent volunteering at the student-run free medical clinic and on my clinical rotations only cemented that fact. Seeing the breadth and variety of services a family doctor can provide and the core tenants of continuity of care, community involvement, and holistic care made it obvious that family medicine was the only choice for me.

After witnessing the academic rigor and passion for underserved care that both the residents and the faculty at Jefferson exhibit, it became clear that this was the best choice for the next step in my medical education. (Plus it didn’t hurt that my co-residents seemed to share my enjoyment of good food and drinks.)

When not in the clinical setting, I spend my time walking around and exploring the city, being an amateur movie critic, looking at pictures of cute animals on the internet, and attempting to teach myself Spanish.


Michael Weissberger, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2016
The College of William & Mary, M.S., 2010
The College of William & Mary, B.S., 2005

I’m originally from Norfolk, VA which is known for its Navy base and for its proximity to Virginia Beach — neither of which I frequented. I went to the College of William and Mary (Go Tribe!!) for undergrad and graduate school where I studied computer science.

Afterwards I worked as a software engineer and web/graphic designer for several research projects and for a not-for-profit. In fact I spent ten years in Williamsburg, VA again rarely visiting its main attraction — Colonial Williamsburg! It was here however that I would find the first sign of my future: a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus and TJ re-enactors in class with me (I should have known)... I really enjoyed working as a computer nerd, but wanted more human interaction in my day to day life, so I decided to attend medical school at MCV/VCU School of Medicine in Richmond, VA, a whole 45 miles up the road.

While at MCV, it became very quickly apparent to me that family medicine was the specialty that so much enjoyed the kinds of gratifying longitudinal connections I was searching for in a career. I also felt a close shared sense of humanism with many people I met in the field. Also I liked everything in medical school!

I chose Jefferson because of its focus on community medicine, its work helping the marginalized populations of Philadelphia, its focus on women’s health and family planning, and because of the great people with whom I clicked during my interview. Jefferson really embodied what I was looking for: an excellent academic program, passionate people, a socially progressive mission, and a warm environment. It also helps that Philadelphia is a WONDERFUL city.

In my free time I enjoy baking bread, cooking, reading and getting involved in politics, ultimate frisbee, watching baseball, singing (I was in a barbershop quartet and the glee club!), watching movies, playing with my dog Murphy, and going out to eat. I am really looking forward to eating my way through the city!


Anna Woods, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2016
University of Chicago, B.A., 2010

Born and raised in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, I ventured to the Midwest to play basketball and pursue a degree in Human Development at the University of Chicago. After graduating I realized my days as a competitive athlete were over, but my interest in the medicine was only just beginning. I returned to the Philadelphia area to attend Bryn Mawr's post-bac program and work as a research assistant at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Upon completion of the program, I obtained my medical degree at Jefferson, and it was there that I solidified my passion for family medicine.

I chose family medicine because it spoke to both my interests in human development and primary care. I decided to continue my training at Jefferson because it is near the people I love, in the city I call home, and is such a fantastic program I could not leave. When I am not practicing medicine, I like to stay active-whether it's playing a game of knock out for old time's sake, swimming, or even letting my dog lead the way as we go for a stroll through the historic yet lively streets of Philly.

Second Year Family Medicine Residents


Sara Ancona, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine, 2017
The College of New Jersey, B.S., 2011

I grew up in Newtown, PA which is a suburb about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia. I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Biology and a minor in Classical Studies. I knew I wanted to go to medical school ultimately, but I was really passionate about service and wanted to have a different experience so for two years after college I participated in an AmeriCorps program called City Year in Philadelphia.  During this time, I tutored 7th graders in Math and Literacy as well as ran after school programs. My time in City Year was one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had and really strengthened my interest in working with underserved populations in some way in my career.

I stayed in Philadelphia for medical school, attending Drexel University College of Medicine, where I was involved with a student-run clinic for women and children as well as tutoring and mentoring other medical students. I decided to pursue a career in Family Medicine because I have found that although I love the scientific aspects of medicine, what excites me most is forming long-standing relationships with patients and having continuity of care. I also love the variety in acuity of illness you get to see in Family and that I get to see both children and adults, and treat whole families!

I am so excited to be starting my residency at Jefferson because it is in a city that I love and want to continue to explore and it has long-established ties to the community, as well as great people who are truly dedicated to community health. I also love that it is associated with such a great children’s hospital in DuPont.

When I am not working, I love spending time with my family dog, Sammie, and my family and friends (in that order, but don’t tell them). I also love coffee and I am always up for trying new coffee shops or just lounging around and watching some good TV!


Barbara Cymring, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2017
Williams College, B.A., 2011


I'm originally from Argentina but moved to the US when I was 14. I called Miami home for a few years until I ventured out to the Northeast for college. I graduated from Williams College with a degree in Biology, and then moved to NYC for two years to work in research before medical school. Philly has been my home for the past four years while attending Sidney Kimmel Medical College. I love this city so much that I decided to stay here for residency!

I didn't know anything about Family Medicine until third year of med school, but I quickly fell in love with this field and its people. I enjoy making meaningful connections with my patients and following them over time, and I love the variety of ages and conditions that we see.

I chose to stay at Jefferson because of its strong ties to the community, its mission to serve Philadelphia's most vulnerable populations, its rigorous academics, and because of the wonderful people I've met here!

When I'm not studying or working, you will likely find me at the gym, or in the kitchen, experimenting with a new recipe. And if the weather is nice, I might be wandering around the city, sipping on some cold brew, or (more likely) ice cream.


Jessica Deffler, MD
Wake Forest School of Medicine of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, 2017
Villanova University, B.S, 2013

I grew up in New Jersey and went to college at Villanova, where I got involved in advocacy for the homeless. While there I also volunteered at a free clinic in Philly and met some great people who inspired me to go into primary care. I decided to head south for med school and enjoyed my four years in North Carolina (warmer winters and beautiful mountains!). I also volunteered as a Spanish interpreter and spent time in Ecuador and Mexico on global health trips.

I chose Family Medicine because of the opportunities to engage with social justice issues and form patient relationships that foster change. I am also passionate about nutrition as medicine. One of my favorite parts of med school was working with my mentor to write a plant-based nutrition guide for med students. I chose Jefferson because it struck me as a place that values diversity and strong community work. I also wanted to live in the city so I can ditch my car and walk/bike all over – especially by the river! In my free time you can find me experimenting with vegetarian recipes, doing yoga, amateur salsa dancing, and getting outside any chance I can. 


Rachel Ehrman-Dupre, MD
Virgina Commonwealth University School of Medicine, 2017
Occidental College, B.A., 2011

Born in Boston, MA but Charlotte, NC is where I was raised and is my home! I briefly thought I was a west-coaster and attended undergrad at Occidental College in Los Angeles but ultimately settled back on the east coast. I moved to Washington D.C. to split my time working at a chronic pain clinic and being a really awful waitress.  Working at the pain clinic provided me with a front row seat to the plight of medically complex patients whose needs are not appropriately met.  This heightened my interest in healthcare policy, fostered my love and admiration for the geriatric population, and solidified my plan to be a family physician.

I went to medical school at VCU in Richmond, VA and though I was at first wary of Richmond’s small size, I fell in love with it and had a wonderful 4 years. I chose to leave and make my way to Jefferson because it was important to me to train at a strong academic center that respected family medicine as a specialty and understood it’s place within the healthcare system.  The strong community that the program fosters was easy to see and it was just the right fit!

To me Philly is the perfect city! There are great restaurants and bars, beautiful old city buildings and history, two rivers and nice green spaces, and it is still somehow more affordable than most east coast cities. It’s been so much fun to explore and I’m so happy to call Philly my new home!   


Kali Graham, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2017
Bryn Marw College, B.A., 2010

As a lifelong Philly area native/aficionado, I’m thrilled to be staying at Jefferson for residency. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the surrounding suburbs. I went to Bryn Mawr College for undergrad where I graduated with a degree in Political Science. After college I planned on a career in health policy but quickly realized my passion for clinical medicine and working directly with medically underserved populations. After working in Boston for a year

I returned to my alma mater to attend Bryn Mawr's premedical post-bac program before attending Jefferson for medical school.

As a medical student at Jefferson I was constantly impressed by the dedication my Family Medicine attendings and residents showed their patients. I decided on Family Medicine because of the opportunity to work with marginalized communities and serve as the primary support for my patients’ medical, emotional, and social needs. I also loved all of my rotations in medical school and knew I wanted a career where I could develop a broad base of clinical knowledge. Jefferson’s Family Medicine program offers the perfect mix of clinical diversity, academic rigor, and commitment to patient-centered care that I was looking for in a residency program.    

When I’m not in the hospital I love escaping to the Jersey shore, going to concerts, planning overly ambitious road trips, and continuing to explore everything Philly has to offer.


Zachary Klock, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2017
Ursinus, B.S., 2013

I am from Yardley, Pennsylvania, just a short trip up I-95 in the northeastern suburbs of Philly. I earned my bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College, where I studied Spanish and Biochemistry. During my undergraduate career, I spent a semester in Madrid, Spain, broadening my educational experience and teaching at a local school.

After spending most of my life in the suburbs, I finally made the move to the city for medical school here at Jefferson. As a medical student, I was a part of the Urban Underserved Program, led a weekly clinic at a homeless shelter through JeffHOPE, volunteered at medical clinics for refugee and Latino populations in Philadelphia, and spent a summer at a government health center in Guatemala.

I chose to pursue a career in family medicine because of its emphasis on clinical diversity, continuity of care, and the need to build relationships with patients. I was drawn to Jefferson’s training program because of its commitment to community medicine and Philadelphia’s underserved populations, as well as the strength of its inpatient training. I looked up to the family medicine residents throughout medical school, and I am excited to be joining a community so passionate about medicine and dedicated to their patients.

I am thrilled to have another three years to continue to embrace all of the wonderful opportunities Philadelphia has to offer.  In my free time, I can often be found running, biking, or rollerblading along the Schuylkill River or checking out one of Philadelphia’s many restaurants.


Aimee McMullin, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine, 2017
Drexel University, B.S., 2014

I am originally from New York, but have spent the last 7 years in Philadelphia as a Drexel Dragon for both my undergraduate and medical degrees.  I am sort of a sports fan anomaly: both an Eagles and Mets fan.  According to some Philadelphia natives, it takes 8 years to be considered a true Philadelphian and I am incredibly excited to earn that title in these next years of residency!

I chose to go into Family Medicine because primary care is the known solution to many of our country's problems in healthcare.  My goal is to create a new culture of medicine that values humanism and to integrate the social determinants of health into patient care.  Zipcode determines health more than any other factor including genetic code.  My interests in family medicine include women's health, population health, addiction medicine, and street medicine. I love Jeff's commitment to working with vulnerable populations including the relationship with both the Stephen Klein Wellness Center and Covenant House. 

When I am not advocating for patients in Philadelphia, I can be found trail running at the Wissahickon Park with my amazing partner or visiting microbreweries around Philadelphia (Evil Genius just opened).  I also spend a serious amount of time gardening, even though I tend to kill more plants than I care to admit.  Every city has a different feel- Philadelphia has grit.  I am constantly surprised by little things in this city such as the wheel of parables on 13th and South St., Artists village on Germantown Ave., or random murals and community gardens on hidden tiny streets.  I could not be more excited to continue to serve the people of this city.   


Jennifer Moyer, MD, MPH
Tufts University School of Medicine, 2017
Tufts University School of Medicine, M.P.H., 2017
Wesleyan University, B.A., 2011

I was born in Japan, where my mother is originally from, and moved to Princeton NJ when I was in elementary school to be closer to my father’s side of the family. Though my entire family went to small liberal arts schools outside the Philly area (Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore), I decided to venture a little further and pursued a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. There I became more interested in learning how communities engage with healthcare systems in different cultures beyond the Japanese and American culture I was familiar with.

Between college and medical school, I lived in Thailand for a year teaching English to 8th grade students, and in NYC for one year while working as a clinical research associate at the Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. I attended medical school at Tufts University where I received a joint MD/MPH and was involved in learning more about addiction medicine and correctional healthcare.

I chose family medicine because I believe that this field appreciates individual patients as members of a community, and trains providers to see beyond biomedical illnesses in order to understand the person as a whole. I am especially excited to start my training at Jefferson, where faculty and residents are committed to providing care to a diverse urban underserved population.

I’m excited to have water on both the East and West side of the city, to be closer to my family in NJ and NYC, and to explore the narrow streets of Philly! I can’t wait to get to explore more throughout the next three years!


Andrew Rabovsky, MD
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 2017
The Ohio State University, B.S., 2013

I was born in Cleveland Ohio and grew up about 10 miles east.  I then did my undergrad at The Ohio State University before returning to Cleveland for medical school at Case Western Reserve University.

Growing up, I always associated medicine with primary care, and the decision to pursue family medicine became more and more clear as I went through medical school.  I really value the longitudinal relationships that family physicians are able to have with their patients and I enjoy how a variety of physical, social, and behavioral issues often overlap during a patient visit. During medical school, I further developed an interest in primary care research, specifically in the areas of social determinants of health and practice redesign. I was drawn to Jefferson because of the great full-scope training and the sense of family I felt on my interview day!

In my free time, I love playing soccer, running, hiking, and watching the Browns (Superbowl next year!), Indians, Cavs, and Buckeyes. I am so excited to explore Philadelphia over the next few years!


Zeynep Uzumcu, MD
Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 2017
Rutgers University, B.A., 2011

I was born in Ankara, and raised all over, but my home’s New Jersey — where I went to college and medical school. It’s so exciting to be starting residency across the river in Philadelphia, where the food has been excellent (Blackbird vegan cheesesteak is crazy good), but where I’m still searching for the perfect slice of pizza! I guess Jersey has me spoiled.

My first introduction to primary care was during an  undergrad internship, where I worked in a mobile medical clinic van in Washington D.C. The doctors there served an uninsured and underinsured population, met their patients where they were, and cared about the well-being of the most vulnerable in their community. That’s the kind of doctor I want to be, and that’s why I’m in Family Medicine.

I’m so excited to be here at Jeff, where I’ll be chasing my passions in obstetric care, women’s health, and healthcare for the poor. In my downtime I’ll be exploring the bookstores of Philadelphia, eating my weight in noodles, and discovering the miles and miles of trails in beautiful Wissahickon.

First Year Family Medicine Residents

Michael Danielewicz, MD
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, 2018
Brown University, B.A., 2014

Emma de Louw, MD
VuMc School of Medical Sciences, 2016

Michael Haines, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2018
Franklin & Marshal College, B.A., 2014

Sarah Hirsh, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2018
The College of New Jersey, B.S., 2014

Julita Mienko, MD
Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, 2018
Macaulay Honors College at CUNY Hunter, B.A., 2013

Newsom 2

Simon Newsom, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin, 2018
Lawrence University, B.A., 2013

Pooja Padgaonkar, MD
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, 2018
The College of New Jersey, B.S., 2014

Seecof 2

Olivia Seecof, MD
SKMC at Thomas Jefferson University, 2018
Bucknell University, B.S., 2014

Graham Stratton, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 2018
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, B.S., 2011
Cornell University, B.S., 2009

Waters 2

Alexa Waters, MD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, 2018
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.S., 2013

Christine A. Arenson, MD

Christine A. Arenson, MD
Alumni Professor & Chair, Department of Family & Community Medicine

R. Patrick McManus, MD

Marc Altshuler, MD 
Director, Residency Program

Daniel Doggett
Program Coordinator

Department of
Family & Community Medicine

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Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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