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Patrick McManus

Serving as director of the Family and Community Medicine residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is a wonderful opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare in this country and abroad.  Our phenomenal residents graduate and go all over the country assuming positions of leadership in clinical care, medical education, primary care research and health policy. Our faculty, residents and staff share a deep commitment to the education, research and outreach goals of the department and to the health and wellness of each other.  This creates an environment in our department where people work hard to make a difference in the lives of others and have a great time doing it!

One of the things that continues to impress me at Jefferson is the respect and support given to the Department of Family and Community Medicine within our institution.  Our faculty and residents have a strong voice in medical education, community outreach, and research in our thriving university environment. Our residency is fully integrated into the variety of health services offered at a premier academic institution like ours. Physicians from every department in the University refer ambulatory patients to the Family Practice Center for ongoing care, and the Department is consulted regularly by other services at Jefferson for inpatient evaluation.  The Family Practice Center is the site for the majority of primary care activity within the University, and the Department of Family and Community Medicine’s inpatient service is one of the busiest and most diverse in the Hospital.

We have been fortunate to attract faculty members and residents who bring a varied and broad base of experience, as well as dedication to excellence.  Each faculty member is responsible for developing areas of special expertise which he or she pursues through writing, research and community outreach.  These special areas of expertise complement the teaching program for residents. This environment has permitted the residency program to attain the position it enjoys today as a nationally recognized outstanding university-based family and community medicine residency.

Education & Mentoring

The Department of Family and Community Medicine at Jefferson continuously evaluates resident educational experiences in an effort to create a comprehensive, three-year training program.  Our close relationship with Jefferson’s departments facilitates educational interchange as a component of both clinical activity and educational conferences. We have multiple mechanisms for advisory relationships, mentoring and resident support throughout the 3 years of residency. Our network of more than 30 years of graduates allows residents access to hundreds of family physicians across the globe. Because of our diverse and varied interests many opportunities exist for mentoring in your area of interest.

I appreciate the interest that you have shown in the Thomas Jefferson University Family and Community Medicine Residency Program and hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the future.  If you have additional questions, please call (215) 955-2363 or e-mail me directly at