Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide® (JTOG®)

What is the Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide® ?

The Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide® (JTOG®)  is a real-time, 360-degree, competency-based assessment tool that measures how well teams and individuals collaborate in educational and clinical settings. The JTOG was developed and refined over the course of last decade with input from students, clinicians, patients, and interprofessional education/collaborative experts.

While initially developed as a purely educational tool for pre-licensure students, it is becoming clear that the JTOG is an easy-to-use instrument that can also assess the behavior of clinicians in practice – all from multiple perspectives. Today, the JTOG solicits team members’ perspectives on their teams’ collective performance on the core IPE competencies by asking each individual team member to indicate her/his level of agreement with a series of behaviorally based statements.

In addition to soliciting feedback about observable behaviors tied to core collaborative practice competencies, the JTOG also solicits feedback via two open-ended questions about perceived team strengths and areas for improvement.

What is the JTOG® Mobile App?

The Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guide App (or the JTOG App) is a mobile-based application that allows users to conveniently facilitate the collection and sharing of behaviorally based feedback for teams and individuals from the perspectives of students, clinicians, preceptors, peers, patients, caregivers, instructors, team observers, and other individual team members.

Additionally, the JTOG App provides users with real-time team and IPE competency scores which can be used for team and individual debriefing. You can use the JTOG App in both educational (students, instructors, peers, standardized patients) settings and clinical (clinicians, peers, preceptors, patients/caregivers) settings. The App gives the users access to all four Jefferson Teamwork Observation Guides (Team, Individual, Patient, and Support Person/Caregiver) and is available as both individual and group accounts.

To see which account works best for you, please refer to the FAQ section. In addition to the mobile-based application, the JTOG App also includes a web-based administration module that allows organization admins to manage their users, customize options, run simple analytics, and download data.