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Voting by Mail in Pennsylvania Instructions:

  1. Mark your ballot in black ink
  2. Place your ballot in the provided white secrecy envelope
  3. Place the ballot in a secrecy envelope inside the larger return envelope
  4. Sign and include the date below the voter declaration on the back of the return envelope
  5. Without the secrecy envelope and date your vote will NOT be counted

Ways to return your ballot:

1. Return by mail: To return your ballot through the mail, use the proper postage and mail it out the same way you’d send any mail. Because counties cannot count ballots that come in after 8 p.m. on Election Day, the sooner you mail your ballot, the better. 

2. Deliver in person: Make sure your ballot has been properly filled out and sealed, then return the ballot in person to your county election office. Some counties may also have other designated return sites. Use this link to find the address or addresses:

3. Use a drop box: Drop boxes are another secure method of returning a mail ballot, although not all counties have them. The Pennsylvania Department of State says voters should look on their county’s website to find an official list of locations.

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Voter information Linktree from Jefferson East Falls chapter of NextGen America

Jefferson - East Falls Campus polling place is

Mifflin School
3624 Conrad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19129

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