Jefferson's Law & Society & Communication Programs

Jefferson’s Law and Society and Communication programs, affiliated with the Arlen Specter Center, are dedicated to educating students in public advocacy, social justice, new media and more. Students within these collaborative programs are motivated to lead and affect change within our ever-changing world.

"From his days stamping out corruption as a prosecutor in Philadelphia to his three decades of service in the Senate, Arlen was fiercely independent—never putting party or ideology ahead of the people he was chosen to serve."  - President Obama

Law & Society Program

Build critical thinking skills and learn to effectively communicate in any situation while learning about philosophy, ethics, history, politics, criminal justice, economics, culture, science, and religion and how they shape the role of law in society. 

  • Explore your interests in mock trails and moot court
  • Lead current event discussions during the Roxboro Roundtables national podcasts
  • Experience real world internships on Capitol Hill, law offices and non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting civil rights

“Being part of the Law and Society program allowed me to develop analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to be successful in any career. Small class sizes and encouraging teachers improved my confidence to share my opinions and stand by them.” - Monica Shacker ‘15

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Communication Program

Times are transforming. Through our Communication program, you will learn how to navigate these changes by becoming a transformative communicator. Grow your own strengths and learn how to make a difference, be it as a journalist, a public relations professional, a media entrepreneur or a leader in the nonprofit or public sector. 

  • Develop an understanding of new media technologies in our multimedia newsroom
  • Partner with local nonprofits serving the East Falls and Germantown neighborhoods
  • Be part of a student run website covering campus and community news