Personalized Pathways Program

Kanbar College offers first-year students the opportunity to simultaneously apply for admission to existing undergraduate and graduate programs within Kanbar College upon enrolling at Thomas Jefferson University. Matriculation to Kanbar College graduate programs is seamless upon successful completion of undergraduate requirements.

The Personalized Pathways Program provides:

  • Curated undergraduate-to-graduate pathways for Kanbar College undergraduates 
  • More than 220 guided options for Kanbar College undergraduates to pursue a graduate degree within the College in a discipline that most aligns with their personal career aspirations
  • The opportunity for Kanbar College first-year students to apply for advanced admission into Kanbar College graduate programs upon matriculation into the College
  • The option for junior and senior Kanbar College students to start taking graduate courses and receive personalized advising to help them transition directly into a Kanbar College graduate program

For more information on the Personalized Pathways Program, please contact Bethany Lang, Academic Advising Coordinator:

Example Pathways

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