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Name: Kyunghee Koh, PhD
Position: Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Department of Neuroscience
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Name: Angelo Lepore, PhD
Position: Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Department of Neuroscience

900 Walnut Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Name: Danielle Park
Position: Program Coordinator, Jefferson College of Life Sciences
Organization: Jefferson

1020 Locust Street
M-46 JAH
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Message from the Directors

Kyunghee Koh, PhD and Angelo Lepore, PhD - GPN Program Directors

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) at Jefferson. As your Program Directors, we are committed to making your training in neuroscience an intellectually stimulating and successful educational experience. Thank you for taking the time to explore our GPN website.

Our GPN is guided by an educational vision to provide well-rounded training in basic and translational neuroscience while working in synergy with other basic and clinical research areas.  We prepare our students for the research work environment of the future, where major roles are played by advanced technology, complementary disciplines, and collaborative projects between academia and industry as well as bench and clinical science. 

Internationally recognized faculty from the Department of Neuroscience and from other basic science and clinical departments provide classroom and hands-on laboratory training covering diverse research areas in neuroscience, cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Furthermore, advanced students can serve as teaching assistants to develop effective teaching skills. The Program thus provides flexibility to pursue careers in academic and industrial research and education.

Collegiality and mentorship are key aspects of the Program. Our classes are small and students work in a close-knit community with faculty and staff.